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17 March 2007

Korean History: A Bibliography


17 Mar 2007

The Center for Korean Studies, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu, HI, US

"This bibliography [compiled by Kenneth R. Robinson - ed.] covers many features of Korean history. The subjects include not only political, diplomatic, and economic history, but also historical linguistics, art history, literature, philosophy and religion, and overseas Koreans, for example. Chronologically, coverage concludes in the 1960s. For studies of South Korea's politics and economy, 1961 is the stopping point; for South Korean foreign relations, coverage continues through the 1965 treaty with Japan and the Vietnam War. Coverage of North Korea continues into the late 1960s."

Site contents;
1. General (a. Bibliographies, b. General Studies, c. Sources, d. Historiography); 2. Archaeology; 3. Ko-Choson; 4. Three Kingdoms (a. General, b. Koguryo, c. Paekche, d. Shilla/Unified Shilla); 5. Ancient Korean-Japanese Relations; 6. Parhae; 7. Koryo (a. Domestic Affairs, b. Foreign Relations, c. Shinan Shipwreck, d. Mongols and Korea); 8. Choson (a. Central Government, b. Social Structure, c. Family Structure, d. Land System, e. Economy, f. Relations with China, g. Relations with Japan, h. Relations with the Jurchen/Manchus, i. Relations with Ryukyu/Southeast Asia, j. Relations with the West and the Middle East); 9. Late Nineteenth-Century - 1945 (a. Relations with Japan and China, b. Reform Movements, c. Tonghak and Chondogyo, d. Intellectual/Nationalism, e. The March First Movement, f. Economy); 10. Relations with the United States and European Nations through 1945 (a. United States, b. Great Britain/France, c. Russia/Soviet Union and Eastern Europe); 11. Korean Communities Abroad (a. Asia, b. North America and the Pacific); 12. Post-Liberation (a. Domestic Affairs, b. International Relations, c. Military, d. Opposition Politics, e. Economy); 13. Post-Liberation Relations with Japan; 14. North Korea; 15. The Korean War; 16. Religion and Philosophy (a. General, b. Shamanism, c. Buddhism, d. Taoism, e. Confucianism, f. Shilhak, g. Christianity); 17. Law; 18. Women; 19. Demography; 20. Education; 21. Journalism; 22. Scientific Matters (a. Climate, b. Science, c. Astronomy, d. Medicine, e. Printing, f. Geography and Cartography); 23. Literature; 24. Arts (a. General and Assorted, b. Painting, c. Ceramics, d. Sculpture, e. Architecture, f. Collections); 25. Music; 26. Linguistics (a. Historical Linguistics, b. Writing Systems); 27. Martial Arts and Sports; 28. Korean Studies (a. General, b. North America, c. Europe, d. Asia); 29. Updates.

URL http://www.hawaii.edu/korea/bibliography/biblio.htm

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