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15 March 2007

Three Classical Chinese Readers - edited and annotated by Don Wagner

15 Mar 2007

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), Copenhagen, Denmark

Site contents:
(1) A Classical Chinese reader: The Han shu biography of Huo Guang, with notes and glosses for students. Richmond, Sussex: Curzon Press, 1998. 208 pp. Web sampler.

(2) A Mencius reader: For beginning and advanced students of Classical Chinese. Copenhagen: NIAS Press (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies), 2004. 160 pp. [This textbook contains material for students of Classical Chinese at three different levels: * The first chapter of Mencius, reproduced from a modern punctuated edition, with very detailed notes and glosses intended for students in their second semester of Classical Chinese. * The same chapter, reproduced from a Song wood-block edition, which beginning students who are more ambitious may wish to use instead of the punctuated edition. * Notes and glosses on the Eastern Han commentary of Zhao Qi (included in the Song edition), intended for more advanced students. E-book version.

(3) A Classical Chinese Reader: The 'Memoir on the Eastern Barbarians' in Hou Han shu, with notes and glosses for students of Chinese and Korean. Draft, 14 March 2007. (7.3 Mbytes)

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