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28 June 2007

Online English-Chinese-English Glossary of Legal Terms


28 Jun 2007

Law Drafting Division, Department of Justice, Hong Kong Government, HK, China

"* English-Chinese Glossary of Legal Terms - The fourth edition of the English-Chinese Glossary of Legal Terms was published in December 2004. The Glossary was compiled by the Law Drafting Division of the Department of Justice and is a handy reference tool for locating bilingual legal terms and expressions used in the Hong Kong legislation. The fourth edition consists of three volumes. Volumes one and two contain 32,000 selected terms and expressions. Volume three contains, among other materials, a list of English-Chinese short titles and citations of our laws and an updated list of major Government organisations. [...]

* Chinese-English Glossary of Legal Terms - The Law Drafting Division of the Department of Justice published in December 1999 a Chinese-English Glossary of Legal Terms, which contains around 11500 entries. The entries contained in this Glossary echo those contained in the third edition of the English-Chinese Glossary of Legal Terms published in September 1998. To facilitate quick access to entries, both Strokes Index and Hanyupinyin Index are provided. [...]

* Glossary of Terms Used in Electoral Legislation - [...] This bilingual glossary, which is indexed alphabetically in English and by the number of character strokes in Chinese, covers some 660 terms and expressions used in electoral legislation enacted from August 1997 until the end of February 1998. [...]."

URL http://www.legislation.gov.hk/eng/glossary/index.htm

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.legislation.gov.hk/eng/glossary/index.htm

Link reported by: Thomas DuBois (histdd--at--nus.edu.sg),
forwarded by h-net list for asian history and culture (h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu)

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