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14 June 2007

Online Gallery: Sacred: Discover what we share: The world's greatest collection of Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy books


14 Jun 2007

British Library, London, UK

Supplied note:
"A spectacular exhibition at The British Library through September [2007 - ed.], 'Sacred: Discover what we share: The world's greatest collection of Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy books,' with innovative access to its highlights via the Internet (at the URL below). For example, one can turn pages of Sultan Baybars' Qur'an, hear the Arabic text being recited, read a translation of it, or hear a discussion of it in English. More generally, the Library's new Online Gallery uses innovative technology to allow one to page or scroll through important books (among them the Dunhuang copy of The Diamond Sutra). - dw. "

Site contents:
* Introduction; * Visit Sacred (67 texts: Dead Sea Scrolls c.50 (on loan), Gospel of Thomas 3rd c, Codex Sinaiticus c.350, Codex Alexandrinus 5th c, Syriac Bible 463/4, Vulgate Gospels 6th c, Lindisfarne Gospels late 7th-early 8th c, Ma'il Qur'an 8th c, Torah Codex 9th c, Kufic Qur'an c.850, Gaster Bible 9th-10th c, New Testament, Constantinople mid-10th c, Old English Hexateuch 1000-50, Qur'an from Iraq or Persia 1036, Theodore Psalter 1066, Silos Apocalypse c.1100, Melisende Psalter 1131-43, Harley Trilingual Psalter 1130-54, Awag Vank' Gospels 1200-02, Syriac Gospel Lectionary 1216-20, Spanish Qur'an 13th c, Matthew Paris's Jerusalem pilgrim's travel guide c.1250, King David, North French Miscellany c.1278-98, Babylonian Talmud 13th-14th c, Pentateuch with prophetical readings 13th-14th c, Duke of Sussex's German Pentateuch c.1300, Picturing God in a Jewish manuscript c.1300, Sultan Baybars' Qur'an 1304, Gospels in Coptic and Arabic 1308, Sultan Uljaytu's Qur'an 1310, Golden Haggadah c.1320, Santiago pilgrim's travel guide 1300-50, Luttrell Psalter c.1320-40, Holkham Bible Picture Book 1325-50, Mamluk Qur'an 1337, Samaritan Pentateuch 1339, Duke of Sussex's Spanish Bible mid-14th c, Gospels in Arabic 14th c, Barcelona Haggadah 14th c, Tsar Ivan Alexander's Gospels 1355-56, Spanish Hebrew Bible 1384, Duke of Sussex's Italian Pentateuch c.1400, Portuguese Pentateuch 15th c, Hajj certificate 15th c, San'a Pentateuch 1469, Lisbon Bible 1482, First complete Mishnah 1492, Qur'an with Persian translation early 16th c, Tyndale New Testament 1526, Henry VIII's Psalter 1530-47, Picturing the Prophet 1539-43, Indian Qur'an 16th c, King James Bible 1611, Chinese Torah 1643-63, Chinese Qur'an 17th c, Armenian prayer scroll 1655, Shi'ite fatwas late 17th c, Ethiopian Octateuch late 17th c, Leipnik Haggadah 1740, Italian Ketubah 1776, Karaite Pentateuch 1835, Islamic marriage contract 1840, Javanese Qur'an 19th c, Mecca and Medina pilgrim's travel guide 19th c, Wahhabi manuscript 1853, Afghan Ketubah 1889, Ka'bah pilgrim's travel guide 1900.); * News and reviews; * Events; * Audio; * Videos; * Learning; * In the regions; * Shop; * Blog of the month; * Turn the pages of eight sacred texts * Interactive map (Faiths: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, View all), Time periods: Before 1000, 1000-1199, 1200-1399, 1400-1599, 1600-1799, 1800 onwards, View all).

URL http://www.bl.uk/sacred

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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