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08 May 2007

Elman, Benjamin A. - Selected online papers on Chinese intellectual and cultural history


08 May 2007

Program in East Asian Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, US

[in early May 2007, all documents in PDF format] * China and the World History of Science; * The Chinese Prize Essay Contest and the Late Qing Promotion of Modern Science; * Comparing and Classifying: Ming Dynasty Compendia and Encyclopedias (Leishu); * Criticism as Philosophy: Conceptual Change In Ch'ing Dynasty Evidential Research; * Early Modern Classicism and Late Imperial China; * Education in Song China--A Review; * The Emergence of Phonology; * From Pre-modern Chinese Natural Studies to Modern Science in China; * Imperial Politics and Confucian Societies; * ISIS Review of "On Their Own Terms"; * Ming-Qing Border Defense and the Inward Turn of Chinese Cartography; * Nietzsche and Buddhism; * Nietzsche and Buddhism--Errata; * Philology and Its Enemies; * Philosophy Versus Philology; * Reply to a Recent Review; * Reproduction via Civil Service Examinations; * Rethinking the Twentieth Century Denigration of Chinese Science in the Twenty-First Century; * The Unraveling of Neo-Confucianism: From Philosophy to Philology In Late Imperial China * [See also an online book: Elman, Benjamin A. Classicism, Politics, and Kinship: The Ch'ang-chou School of New Text Confucianism in Late Imperial China. Berkeley: University of California Press, c1990. http://ark.cdlib.org/ark:/13030/ft6g5006xv/ - ed.]

[Dr Benjamin A. Elman is the Professor of East Asian Studies and History at Princeton University. His teaching and research interests include late imperial and modern Chinese intellectual and cultural history, history of education in China, and history of science in imperial and modern China. - ed.]

URL http://www.princeton.edu/~elman/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.princeton.edu/~elman/

Link reported by: Benjamin A. Elman (elman--at--princeton.edu)

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