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18 September 2007

TibetBlogs.com - Feeds


18 Sep 2006


Self-description: "Tibet Blogs displays blog updates from tibetan bloggers and serves as an online directory for tibet-related weblogs. If you run a blog site, feel free to add your blog to our directory."

Site contents:
* Tibet News via phayul [www.phayul.com] (The Dalai Lama attends inter-faith dialogue at Lisbon Mosque (2007/9/17); Indian diplomacy after globalisation (2007/9/17); China tightens grip ahead of congress (2007/9/17); Tibetan rights trump trade with China say Canadians (2007/9/17));
* Recently Updated Blogs [published time, name, headline]
2007/9/17 14:29, Beijing Wide Open, Interview with Jamyang Norbu part 2;
2007/9/17 12:31, Pema, Dalai Lama attends inter-faith dialogue at Lisbon Mosque;
2007/9/17 12:03, Pema, Human Rights Torch Relay welcomed in Slovak Republic;
2007/9/17 9:54, SFT, Tibetan Students Used as Olympic Props;
2007/9/17 8:51, Pema, Authorities in Beijing demolish village of petitioners;
2007/9/17 8:28, Pema, Tibetan rights trump trade say Canadians;
2007/9/17 3:02, Tibetan Studies Resources, Bhutan - Institute of Traditional Medical Services (ITMS);
2007/9/17 1:30, Jigtenmig, phyir 'ong ba - Once Returner;
2007/9/16 20:48, mbymrc, Harmonic Healing Night;
2007/9/16 18:25, Attitudezen, Une des cles du bonheur;
2007/9/16 12:21, Tibet Toons, Caricature Sketch;
2007/9/16 11:17, The Secret Tibet, China Detains Tibetans in Lhasa Trader Dispute;
2007/9/16 11:00, The Secret Tibet, Dalai Lama to Meet German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin;
2007/9/16 10:51, The Secret Tibet, Put Tibet On The World Agenda;
2007/9/16 10:49, The Secret Tibet, Spiritual connection with Tibet leads author to novel;
2007/9/16 8:23, Pema, China's worsening human rights.

URL http://tibetblogs.com/modules/feeds/

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