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28 October 2008

China Labour Bulletin (CLB)


28 Oct 2008

China Labour Bulletin, Hong Kong, China

"Founded in 1994 by labour activist Han Dongfang, China Labour Bulletin has grown from a small monitoring and research group into a proactive outreach organization that seeks to defend and promote workers rights in the People's Republic of China. We are a non-governmental organization based in Hong Kong and have extensive links and cooperation with labour groups and law firms within China, as well as with the international labour movement. We support the development of democratic trade unions, respect for and enforcement of the country's labour laws, and the full participation of workers in the creation of civil society."

Site contents:
* Labour Rights Litigation; * Workers' Representation and Collective Contracts;
* English Language Reports:
(# No Way Out: Worker Activism in China's State-Owned Enterprise Reforms (Sep 2008) # Bone and Blood: The Price of Coal in China (Mar 2008), # Speaking Out: The Workers' Movement in China, 2005-2006 (Dec 2007), # Breaking the Impasse: Promoting Worker Involvement in the Collective Bargaining and Contracts Process (Nov 2007), # Small Hands: A Survey Report on Child Labour in China (Sep 2007), # Falling Through the Floor: Migrant Women Workers' Quest for Decent Work in Dongguan, China (Sep 2006), # Deadly Dust: The Silicosis Epidemic among Guangdong Jewellery Workers (Dec 2005), # The Liaoyang Workers' Struggle: Portrait of a Movement (July 2003), # Public Interest Litigation in China: A New Force for Social Justice (Oct 2007), # Help or Hindrance to Workers: China's Institutions of Public Redress (April 2008)).
* Chinese Language Reports:
(# Operating Outside the Law: The Labour Contract Law and the role the Trade Unions, # No Legal Recourse: Why collective labour protests lead to conflict with the law, # Help or Hindrance: An analysis of public protection procedures in three occupational injury cases, # Breaking the Impasse: Promoting Worker Involvement in the Collective Bargaining and Contracts Process, # Speaking Out: The Workers Movement in China, 2005-2006, # Putting People First: A Critique of China's Compensation System for Bereaved Coalminers' Families, # Small Hands: Survey Report on Child Labour in China, # Bloody Coal: An Appraisal of China's Coalmine Safety Management System, # Deadly Dust: The Silicosis Epidemic in the Guangdong Jewellery Processing Industry, # Standing Up: The Workers Movement in China, 2000-2004, # Falling Through the Floor: Migrant Women Workers' Quest for Decent Work in Dongguan, China, # Occupational Health and Safety in China - Labour Rights Lose Out to Government and Business, # Conflicts of Interest and the Ineffectiveness of China's Labour Laws);
* Imprisoned Workers; * Resource Centre [PDF files] (# Migrant workers in China, # Children of migrant workers, # Reform of state-owned enterprises, # Unemployment, # Wages, # Compensation); * Press Centre; * News, Analysis and Featured Articles; * CLB In The News; * Workers' Voices; * Links (Organizations and Unions, Labour Blogs and Links, China Blogs and Links, Campaigns);
* Who We Are; * What We Do; * What You Can Do; * RSS; * Blog; * Donate; * Contact Us; * Search.

URL http://www.clb.org.hk/en/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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