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12 February 2009

The China Elections & Governance (CEG)


09 Feb 2009

China Program, The Carter Center, Atlanta, GA, US and Institute of International Comparative Political Economy, Renmin University, China.

"The China Elections & Governance Website was jointly launched in 2002 by the Carter Center China Program and the Institute of International Comparative Political Economy of Renmin University of China. It has been maintained and updated by the Beijing Center for Policy Research since 2004. The site, available in both Chinese and English, provides Chinese officials at all levels a resource center for governance and election affairs and gives scholars worldwide the opportunity to study Chinese politics and offer reform measures."

Supplied note:
While "The Carter Center's China Program has recently launched the new Chinaelections.net, which monitors political and policy reform efforts in the People's Republic. In 2009 China is set to cement its socio-economic and political leadership by being forced to deal with many domestic and global obstacles to growth and stability. Our website will continue to build momentum for change by offering in-depth articles reflecting this transformation as seen by pre-eminent journalists, professionals, and scholars in China as well as abroad. [...] While our staff consistently updates the site, we welcome other perspectives and are currently soliciting bloggers to take advantage of our interactive blog feature. We look forward to receiving contributions on any of the following topics: Good Governance, China and the International System, Grassroots Democracy, (Village elections, Urban-Residential Elections, Township Elections), History of Political Reform in China, Intra-Party Democracy, Deliberative Democracy, Rule of Law and Security, Administrative Reform, Political Economy and Development Economics, Media and Literature, Public Health and Social Welfare, Chinese Reformers/Activists, Civil Society, Technology and Innovation, Energy and the Environment, Human Rights, Culture and Values. - il."

Site contents:
* Features (CEG Blog, Guancha Review, Selected Translation, Commentary, China Scope, Democracy Report);
* About Us;
* Program News;
* Research Tools (Bibliographies, Documents & Reports, Quotes from Leaders, Chinese/English Glossaries, Books on China);
* Browse by Issue;
* Get Involved;
* Contact Us;
* Tags;
* Site Map;
* Search.

[A bi-lingual (CN, EN) site - ed.]

URL http://www.chinaelections.org/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.chinaelections.org/

Link reported by: Irene Lai (oilam.lai--at--gmail.com)

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