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13 March 2009

Digital Archive of Chinese Buddhist Temple Gazetteers


13 Mar 2009

Dharma Drum Buddhist College, Taipei, Taiwan.

"This is the website for the Temple Gazetteer Project at Dharma Drum Buddhist College. The project is funded by the Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Gazetteers or local histories are a distinct genre of Chinese historiography. Usually written by scholars interested in a region, city or temple, gazetteers are compilations of a variety of texts. They are treasure houses containing topographical descriptions, biographies, poems, maps, portraits, miracle stories and much more. The aim of the project is to tap into this wealth of information in order to deepen our understanding of Chinese Buddhist history. The gazetteers collected here stem mainly from two twentieth century compilations of woodblock reprints.

# Zhongguo Fosi Shizhi Huikan. Taipei, 1980-1985. Compiled by Du Jiexiang. 110 vols
# Zhongguo fosizhi congkan. Hangzhou: Guangling shushe 2006. Compiled by Zhang Zhi. 130 vols.

Our aim is to digitize more than hundred fifty temple gazetteers until 2010 and make the image database freely available. At least ten gazetteers will be available as full text, marked up for dates, person and place names. This data, together with that from other projects is aggregated in our authority databases. Until 2011 we will continue to work on this archive in various ways. We will link its content to previous research on gazetteers, conduct bibliographical research on the edition history of the gazetteers. We also hope to collect additional material (photos, videos, travelogues etc.) to enrich the content."

Site contents:
* Browse the Gazetteers; * Gazetteers sorted by creation date; * Gazetteer Map KML [A Google Earth file with lat/long coordinates of 100 monasteries - ed.] * Temple Gazetteer Team (Marcus Bingenheimer [Tools for Buddhist Studies, List of Publications and Online Versions], Duncan Hua, April Ke, Zhimiao Lin, Chuanqin Peng, Xiuwen Wang, Erica Yu).

URL http://dev.ddbc.edu.tw/fosizhi/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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