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19 May 2009

Virtual Shanghai: Shanghai Urban Space in Time


19 May 2009

Institut des Sciences de l'Homme (ISH), CNRS / ENS-LSH / Universite Lumiere Lyon2, Lyon, France

"Virtual Shanghai is a research and resource platform on the history of Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth century to nowadays. It incorporates four sets of documents: essays, original documents, photographies, and maps. The objective of the project is to write a history of the city through the combined mobilization of these various sets of documents. The implementation of this approach relies on the use of NTIC [Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication - ed.] and GIS [Geographic Information Systems - ed.] technologies. On the research side, the platform will offer various ways to step into the history of the city and follow its course at different levels over time. On the resource side, apart from providing original textual and visual documents, it develops a powerful cartographic tool for both analysis and real-time mapping. The authors of the present project suscribe to the idea of sharing scholarship and research tools for the benefit of scholars, students, and citizens at large.

'Virtual Shanghai: Shanghai Urban Space in Time' is one of the research projects in social sciences and humanities selected in 2005 by the National Research Agency [http://www.gip-anr.fr/] in France. The ANR attributed a three-year grant to support the project."

Site contents:
* Presentation (Project history, Objective, Overview, Methodology, Current State of the project);
* Texts (Articles, Topics, Books, Original Texts, Appendices);
* Images (Images [103 documents], Albums Photos [Cityscapes, Official Institutions, Culture, Religion, Education, Health & Sports, Economy, Civic Organizations, People & Everyday Life, War], Visual Narratives [8 documents]);
* Maps (Source Maps [407 documents], Map Narratives [3 documents], eAtlas [52 documents], Base Maps [15 documents]);
* Live Maps (GoogleEarth, Shanghai Buldings, Raster Data, Vectorial Data);
* References (Bibliography, Thematic Bibliographies, Biography, Repository, Publisher);
* Search;
* Toolbox (Services, Blog Virtual Shanghai [http://virtualshanghai.blogspot.com/], Recommended Links).

URL http://virtualshanghai.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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