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08 September 2009

East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia (EALRGA)


08 Sep 2009

East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia (EALRGA), Canberra, Australia.

"EALRGA East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia incorporating JALRGA the Japanese Library Resources Group of Australia [...] Since 2005 the EALRGA Newsletter [ISSN 1832-7648] is published on this web site on an open access basis. Back issues are available in hard copy. Please contact Ms Wan Wong, the EALRGA Treasurer, by email wwong--at--nla.gov.au concerning purchase of individual issues in print."

Site contents:
* EALRGA Committee; * Membership Information; * EALRGA Electronic Forum;
* EALRGA Newsletter current issue: No. 54 (July 2009)
# A message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor by Bick-har Yeung. # Asian Treasures from Religious Collectors by Andrew Gosling. # Providing a Reference Service in Chinese Studies at Monash University Library by Dennis Kishere. # Online Anywhere in Australia: Using the NLA's Chinese e-Resources by Dipin Ouyang. # Online Chinese Yearbooks: A New Tool for Chinese Studies by Wayne Tian. # The Asian Languages Collection at Curtin University Library by David Wells. # Chinese Language Electronic Databases to which Australian Research Libraries Subscribe by Bick-har Yeung.
Conference Reports:
# A Report on the Library Panel at the JSAA biennial conference in Sydney, 13-16 July 2009 by Michelle Hall and Mayumi Shinozaki. # Conference Report: the Joint Conference of JSAA and ICJLE in Sydney, 13-17 July, 2009 by Ayako Hatta. # Conference Report: Library Session at the 6th Biennial Korean Studies Association of Australasia (KSAA) Conference by Jung Sim Kim. # 2009 Melbourne Conference on China: 60 Years of the People's Republic - Transformations and Challenges by Yangzi Sima.
Library News:
# News from the Asian Studies Research Collection Monash University Library by Aline Scott-Maxwell. # "J. M. (Jack) Braga (1897-1988), Macau, and the Braga Collection in the National Library of Australia" by Andrew Gosling. # A Message to EALRGA Members from Hana Kim by Hana Kim. # Brief news from East Asian Collection, University of Sydney Library by Nancy Li. # News from the East Asian Collection, the University of Melbourne Library by Bick-har Yeung. # Upcoming Conferences and Workshops.
* EALRGA Newsletter Archive (Previous Issues; No. 53 (Dec 2008), No. 52 (Dec 2007), No. 51 (July 2007), No. 50 (Dec 2006), No. 49 (June 2006), No. 48 (Dec 2005), No. 47 (June 2005), No. 46 (Jan 2004), No. 45 (May 2002), No. 44 (Nov 2001), No. 43 (May 2001), No. 42 (Oct 2000), No. 41 (May 2000), No. 40 (Nov 1999), No. 39 (May 1999), No. 38 (Nov 1998), No. 37 (July 1998), No. 36 (Mar 1998), No. 35 (Nov 1997), No. 34 (July 1997), No. 33 (Mar 1997), 1995 and 1996 newsletters);
* Links to Related Sites (Other library associations with an interest in East Asia, Useful sites, Asian Studies Associations, Related WWW Virtual Library Projects).

URL http://coombs.anu.edu.au/SpecialProj/NLA/EALRGA/index.html

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://coombs.anu.edu.au/SpecialProj/NLA/EALRGA/index.html

Link reported by: Andrew Gosling (andrewgosling--at--netspeed.com.au)

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