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12 November 2009

The Irrawaddy - Covering Burma and Southeast Asia


12 Nov 2009

Irrawaddy Publishing Group (IPG), Chiangmai, Thailand

Supplied note:
"Greetings from Irrawaddy Publishing Group (IPG), Chiang Mai. [...] IPG is the publisher of The Irrawaddy, a monthly newsmagazine that provides current news, in-depth analysis and insightful commentaries on current affairs in Burma and Southeast Asia.
We feel our magazine is an invaluable asset to an organisation with ties to Southeast Asia or a strong interest in the region. We maintain a Web site, www.irrawaddy.org, which is updated daily and reaches readers around the world with more than 10 million hits monthly - td."

"The Irrawaddy magazine and its Web site cover Burma and Southeast Asia, providing in-depth news and information to international readers. The Irrawaddy is published by Irrawaddy Publishing Group (IPG), an independent, nonprofit media organization. IPG was established in 1993 by Burmese journalists living in exile and is not affiliated with any political organization or government."

Site contents [as of 12 Nov 2009]:
* News (Incl.: NLD to Discuss 'Important' Suu Kyi Proposals, Militias Become Border Guard Forces: State Media, Rakhine Refugees Suffer Discrimination in Bangladesh, Than Shwe's Grandson Attends Car Show);

* Regional (Incl.: Apec Ministers Agree Economic Crisis Far from Over, Apec Marks 20th Birthday But No Free Trade Yet, Thaksin Arrives in Cambodia, Thaksin on A Mission to Humiliate Thai Govt);

* Business (Incl.: Weekly Business Roundup (Nov 7, 2009), World Bank Boosts China Growth Forecast to 8.4 pct, China Oil Company Starts Work on Burmese Pipeline, Adding Bounce to Asia's Rebound);

* Opinion (#Editorials: Incl.: Engagement? It's Asean's Shame, Asean's Never-ending Struggle for Relevance, Halfway to a Handshake, Don't Let the Junta off the Hook, #Commentaries: Incl.: The Next Big Step, The Facts Remain the Same, Time to Inject Pragmatism, Playing With Super Powers, #Letters to the Editor, #Contributors: Incl.: Burmese-US Relations: 'Mind the Gap!' - By DAVID I. STEINBERG, 'Radical' or 'Rational' NLD Thinking - By MOE ZAW OO, A Debate Worth Having? - By ANDY HALL, Kudos to Abhisit for a Successful Asean Summit - By KAVI CHONGKITTAVORN);

* Multimedia; * Special Feature; * Interviews; * Magazine (November, 2009 - Volume 17 No.8);

* Archives (News, Regional, Business, Opinion, Multimedia, Special Feature, Magazine - since 2002);

* Research (Background Biographies, Bomb Blasts in Burma--A Chronology, Burma Diplomatic Missions, Burma's Regional Commanders, CCB forms Investigation Body to investigate money laundering offenses, Cabinet of Burma, Chronology of Burma's Laws Restricting Freedom of Opinion, Expression and the Press, Chronology of Chinese-Burmese Relations, Chronology of the Press in Burma, Committee Representing the People's Parliament [CRPP], Dialogue between Military Government and NLD, Diplomatic Trips, Foreign Companies Withdrawn from Burma, Foreign Embassies to Burma, Foreign Investment in Burma, Full List of the Prisoners - Page1, List of Cease-fire Agreements with the Junta, List of Journalists, Authors and Poets Who Received Sentences After 1988, List of the Prisoners (Authors), List of the Prisoners (Death in Custody), List of the Prisoners (Doctors), List of the Prisoners (Female), List of the Prisoners (Members of Parliament), Lists of the Dead and Wounded in Sagaing, Members of State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), Money Laundering in Burma, New Text Book [DOC format in Burmese], New Text Book [PDF format in Burmese], Political Prisoner List, Rangoon General Hospital dead and wounded list (7th Aug-17th Aug 1988), Rangoon General Hospital dead and wounded list (7th Aug-17th Aug 1988) - Page 2, Salaries and Price Index, Talks between Burmese Military Government and the Karen National Union, The Control of Money Laundering Law, The Control of Money Laundering Rules, The National Convention, The Talks: A Two-Year Chronology, Universities Opened and Closed Dates Since 1988, World Press Freedom Day);

* RSS; * Contact Us; *FAQ;* Search.

[A website in English and Burmese - ed.]

URL http://www.irrawaddy.org

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.irrawaddy.org

Link reported by: Thammaruja Dharmasaroja (thammaruja--at--irrawaddy.org)

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