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26 October 2009

India Water Portal (IWP)


26 Oct 2009

IWP, Bangalore, India

"The India Water Portal is an open, inclusive, web-based platform for sharing water management knowledge amongst practitioners and the general public. It aims to draw on the rich experience of water-sector experts, package their knowledge and add value to it through technology and then disseminate it to a larger audience through the internet."

Site contents:
* Water Conflicts [external link];
* [Outreach to] Schools [external link];
* Sanitation [external link];
* Sign Up;
* Channels (Rainwater Harvesting, Agriculture, Drinking Water, Water Bodies, Urban Water, Groundwater, Watershed Development, Wastewater, Water Quality, Water for Industry, Rivers, Climate Change, General);
* Community (Directory, Solution Exchange, Bulletin Board, General Discussions, Ask The Experts, Events Calendar, Member Blogs, Upload Content, News);
* Directory;
* Blog (Announcements (528), Arghyam (43), "As It Flows" (15), Awards/RFPs/Competitions (90), Bihar Floods (26), Books (27), Climate Change (53), Coastal Waters (16), Community Radio (7), Conf, Wkshop, Training (178), Contribute (2), Dams (22), Ecosan (27), Guest Posts (108), Humour (22), IEC Material (11), Indian Languages (13), International Year of Sanitation (23), IWP (63), Jobs in the water sector in India (45), Kids (8), News (435), Others (64), Photos and movies on current water topics in India (62), River Watch (78), RWH (24), Software (20), Solution Exchange (18), Technology (172), Urban Water (71));
* Upload;
* Contact Us;
* Featured/Latest/Most Read;
* Videos;
* Photos;
* South India Floods
* Discuss
* News;
* Calendar;
* Search.

[A tri-lingual (English, Hindi, Kannada) web site - ed.]

URL http://indiawaterportal.org

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://indiawaterportal.org

Link reported by: Justin Scott-Coe, H-Water Editor (jscottcoe--at--mail.h-net.msu.edu),
forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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