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19 April 2010

www.wanfangdata.com: Chinese Studies; Business; Medicine; Science; Technology


19 Apr 2010

Wanfangdata Co., Ltd., Beijing, China.

"Being the leading information contents provider in China, Wanfang Data has been a task force of the Institute of Scientific & Technological Information of China (ISTIC), the Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology, since 1950s. It focuses on digital resources, such as journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, patents, standards, Chinese companies, etc, providing information on Chinese studies (arts/humanities/social sciences), TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Chinese Business, Law, Government, Defense, Military, Science, and Technology.
Branches have been set up all around China, e.g. Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Wuahan, Xiian and Hongkong, etc. With a North America-based office and local web Servers, Wanfang Data offers quality customer support and reliable internet access. [...]
Featured database: # Chinese Studies Online (CSO), # China Business Reference (CBR), # Chinese Medicine Premier (CMP), # China Legal Collections (CLC), # Science & Technology of China (STOC)."

Site contents:
* Our Products ([Contents and access details of:] # China Medical Association Journals (CMAJ), # China Online Journals (COJ), # English Online Journals (ECOJ), # Dissertations of China (DOC), # Academic Conferences in China (ACIC), # English Conferences in China (ECIC), # Chinese Companies & Products (CECDB), # Chinese Companies & Products (English version), # Chinese Listed Companies, # Chinese Scientific Institutes, # Chinese Patents, # National/Industrial Standards);
* News and updates;
* Cross-Database Search;
* Customer Support;
* Trial Request;
* About Us;
* Contact us for new products: # China Local Chronicles, # China Knowledge Search and Analysis System;
* Newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe.

[A bilingual (CN, EN) website. Online access to the databases is via a subscription - ed.]

URL: http://www.wanfangdata.com/

Internet Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.wanfangdata.com/

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