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22 February 2005

Lingua Mongolia: Classical Mongolian grammar and tutorials


Lingua Mongolia, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK

Supplied note:
"Classical Mongolian script, grammar, and translation tutorials and resources - erep."

"The aim of this site [est. Dec 2004] is to assist in the task of learning Classical Mongolian, the literary language of the Mongols, which underwent very few changes from the time of the Mongol Empire to the early part of the twentieth century. [...] [T]he resources contained on this site will be of little use to those wishing to speak a modern dialect of Mongolian. Although time permitting I may add some Khalkha tutorials at some later date. If you have not studied Mongolian before, then the script tutorials will be the first place to start - here you can learn how to write Mongolian in the Uighur script. [...] If you have previously studied Mongolian then you might find the grammar section to be a useful on-line reference. Otherwise, the main bulk of the site is devoted to a step by step translation of the Chinese transcription of the 'Secret History', with full notes, and grammatical/linguistic analysis. There are also plans to include a searchable Mongolian dictionary of the classical language. [...] Due to the problems associated with displaying Asian languages on the Internet, Mongolian and Chinese text are displayed as graphics rather than system fonts."

Site contents:
Script, Grammar, Translations, Dictionary, Bibliography, Links, Contact.


Internet Archive

Link reported by:
Emyr R. E. Pugh (info@linguamongolia.co.uk)

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