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11 May 2006

Mongolian History-Online Resources


05 May 2006

The Indo-Mongolian Society of New York, NYC, NY, US

Supplied note:
"The Indo-Mongolian Society of New York has created a Mongolian history and culture website offering on-line resources for a range of information about Mongolia, Mongol history and related topics. [...] The website also contains a very large compilation of Mongolian History and related information on-line resources. [...] The website also offers Indo-Mongolian Society lecture papers, excerpts from books, and other Mongolian history articles. These include some of the following:
'Chinggis Khan & the Talking Rhino of India', 'The Name of the Mongols' (Mongol to Mughal) both papers by Prof. Igor de Rachewiltz. 'The Legacy of Genghis Khan in Law and Politics' by Prof. Robert D. McChesney, 'Mongol Empire's Organizational Innovation' by Prof. Thomas Barfield, excerpts from 'Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World' by Prof. Jack Weatherford. - lk."

Site contents:
* History of the Mongols, * Genghis Khan - Chinggis Khan, * Mongol Military Campaigns, * Yuan Dynasty - Mongol China, * Ilkhanid Dynasty - Mongol Iran, * Ulus Chaghatay Dynasty - Mongol Central Asia, * Golden Horde Dynasty - Mongol Russia, * Mongol Invasions of Japan, * Mongols in South East Asia, * Post-Empire and Modern Mongolia, * Mongolian Women in History, * Nomadic Civilization - Pastoral Nomadism & Inner Asian History, * Religious History of the Mongols, * Art of the Mongol Empire, * Other Mongolian History Images, * Other Articles About Mongolian History, * Mongol Empire Maps, * Mongolian History Timelines, * Central Asian Tribal Groups History, * Siberian Tribal Groups, * The Manchus, * The Silk Road, * Silk Road Art, * Silk Road Frescoes of Dunhuang, * Historical Maps, * Period Photos: Mongol, Tibetan, Siberian and Central Asian Subjects, * Indian Historical Cultural Influence in Central Asia, Gandaharan, Bactrian, Sogdian, Parthian and Sarmatian Art


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