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02 May 2006

Towards a New Age of Partnership in Dutch East India Company Archives and Research (TANAP)


02 May 2006

TANAP, Leiden, The Netherlands

"Objectives of the TANAP programme: a. to preserve the VOC [Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, Dutch East India Company, 1602-1796] archives [...] b. [...] to improve the[ir] availability and accessibility [...] c. to carry out research into the early-modern economic and social transformations in Asia and Southern Africa; d. to train a new generation of historians in Asia, Africa and Europe [...]."

Site contents:
* About TANAP; * [Participating] Universities; * Archives (Archives keeping VOC documents: Nationaal Archief, Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia, Cape Town Archives Repository, National Archives of Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu Archives, British Library - Oriental and India Office Collections, Arkib Negara Malaysia); * VOC (Introduction, Foundation of the VOC - the Charter, Directors and Shareholders, Central Management: Heren XVII, Organization of the VOC Chambers, Organization of the VOC in Asia, Batavia as Administrative Centre, The End of the VOC); * Search; * Activities (## News, ## Events, ## Documents, ## Inventories (Archives of the VOC Management in the Netherlands, Archives of the VOC Management in the Trade Zone, VOC Records in Private Papers, VOC Records in Other Collections), Database of VOC documents [A gateway to the documents of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) 1602-1795. Note: this database provides descriptions of VOC documents, not their images.]

## Tanap research :

# Research on China : LIU, Yong (China) - The VOC's Chinese Tea Trade, 1757-1781.

# Research on India : Ghulam Ahmad Nadri (India) - The VOC and the Politics of Trade in Gujarat, 1750-1800. Binu M. John Parambil (India) - The Ali Rajas of Cannanore: Status and Identity at the Interface of Commercial and Political Expansion (1663-1723). Anjana Singh (India) - Company Men, Eurasian Women and Orphan Children: The Social World of the VOC in Cochin, c. 1750-1810.

# Research on Indonesia : Ingrid Saroda Cosijn-Mitrasing (Netherlands) - The Evolution of Kingship in Seventeenth Century Aceh Darussalam (1600-1645). Dr. KWEE, Hui-kian (Singapore) - The Political Economy of Java's Northeast Coast, c. 1740-1800: Elite Synergy. Sher Banu A. Latiff Khan (Singapore) - Rule behind the Silk Curtain: A Study of Aceh under the Reign of the Queens, 1641-1699. Sri Margana (Indonesia) - The Contested Frontier: Rebellion, Economy and Social Change in Java's Oosthoek, 1763-1811. Dr. Atsushi Ota (Japan) - Changes of Regime and Social Dynamics in West Java. Yusak Soleiman (Indonesia) - The Propagation of Dutch Reformed Protestantism on Java in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century c. 1753-1835: A Study of Religion and Society in two colonial Towns (Batavia and Semarang) and its Perception by Early Nineteenth Century Missionaries. Muridan S. Widjojo (Indonesia) - Cross-Cultural Alliance-making and Local Resistance in the Moluccas during the Revolt of Prince Nuku, c. 1780-1810.

# Research on Iran : R. Ali Kavani - Transcription and annotation of 'Memories van Overgave' concerning Persia.

# Research on Japan : Dr. Ryuto Shimada (Japan) - The Intra-asian Trade in Japanese Copper by the Dutch East India Company during the Eighteenth Century.

# Research on South Africa : Frederick J. Goedeman (South Africa) - Khoisan and the Making of Colonial Society in Little Namaqualand, 1770-1840. Dr. Russel S. Viljoen (South Africa) - "Land of Our Forefathers", Jan Paerl: A Khoikhoi Prophet in Cape Colonial Society, 1761-1851.

# Research on Sri Lanka : Nirmal R. Dewasiri (Sri Lanka) - Changes in the Peasant Agriculture in Southern and Western Ceylon in the Mid-Eighteenth Century under the VOC Rule. Chris Nierstrasz (Netherlands) - Country trade on the Coromandel Coast by an employee of the VOC (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie) with a high function: Lubbert Jan van Eck. An in dept research of his private correspondence written between 1754 and 1765. Alicia Schrikker (Netherlands) - A Colonial Administration in Transition: Policy, Theory and Practice of Dutch and British Colonial Rule in Maritime Ceylon, c. 1780-1815.

# Research on Taiwan : CHA, Hsin (Taiwan) - The Dutch Reformed Church on Formosa: Missionary and Civic Calvinism in a Colonial Context (1626-1662). CHENG, Wei-Chung - Merchant Prince and King's Merchant: The Origin of overseas Chinese trans-national entrepreneurial network around East and South China Sea (1636-1683). CHIU, Hsin-hui (Taiwan) - Entangled Encounters: "The Formosans" and the Dutch Colonial Project, 1624-1662.

# Research on Thailand : Supaporn Ariyasajsiskul (Netherlands) - Late Ayutthaya's Foreign Trade Policy: A Study in its Regional and International Context with an Emphasis on the Reign of King Borommakot, 1733-1758. Bhawan Ruangsilp (Thailand) - Perception and Practice: The VOC and the Court Culture of Ayutthaya in the Seventeenth and Eigtheenth Centuries.

# Research on Vietnam : Hoang Anh Tuan (Vietnam) - The Dutch East India Company in Tonkin: Political and Commercial Relations, 1637-1700.)


Internet Archive
http://web.archive.org/web/*/ http://www.tanap.net/

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