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01 June 2006

Research on Taiwan's Position as a US Insular Area (Unincorporated Territory)


01 Jun 2006

www.taiwanadvice.com, Taipei, Taiwan

Supplied note:
"This [site, established in 2002, deals with] new research on the truth of Taiwan's international legal position - rcsl and rwh."

"After taking into account all [available evidence], a full statement of Taiwan's current position under international law can be derived. Based on the SFPT [San Francisco Peace Treaty, effective from April 28, 1952 - ed.], the US Constitution, and the Insular Cases of the US Supreme Court, Taiwan can be classified as 'unincorporated territory under USMG [United States Military Government].' This means that Taiwan is an insular area of the United States."

Site contents:
* Press Releases & Announcements; * The Framework (The Framework for Hartzell & Lin's Research, A new recognition of the United States of America, Are Taiwanese Persons ROC Citizens? -- In Search of a Legal Basis for ROC Citizenship, Cuba after the Spanish American War, Taiwan after WWII, Cuba and Taiwan: Points of Comparison, Three Insular Cases and the Taiwan Status, Does Taiwan Meet the Criteria to Qualify as an "Overseas Territory of the United States"?, FM 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare, Chapter 6: OCCUPATION, paragraph 366, The Fourth Geneva Convention, Military Occupation, and Taiwan, General Background Information, Important Quotations from Downes v. Bidwell, (US Supreme Court, May 27, 1901), Important Remarks on the Interpretation of Treaties, Is Taiwan a Sovereign and Independent Nation under the terms of the Taiwan Relations Act?, The Legal Basis for Taiwan's Qualification as "Unincorporated Territory" of the United States, Name Rectification and a New Constitution without Immediate Independence, Name Rectification in Insular Areas of the United States, On the Subjects of "Conquest" and "Dominion", Our inquiry to the US government -- What are you doing?, Overview of relevant US Supreme Court decisions, Points of Confusion over the Cuba Question and Cuba Sovereignty, Points of Confusion over the Taiwan Question and Taiwan Sovereignty up to the present day, Questions and Answers on the Taiwan status, Questions of Sovereignty -- the Montevideo Convention and Territorial Cession, Quick Summary of the SFPT's Disposition of "Formosa and the Pescadores", Reflections on Taiwan History -- from the vantage point of Iwo Jima, Reflections on the Significance of Oct. 25, 1945, by Taiwanese in N. Calif., USA, The Successor Government Theory and the One China Policy, Taiwan and Occupied West Berlin, Taiwan Status Glossary, Taiwan's Qualification as "Unincorporated Territory" of the United States, Territorial Cession after War and the End of Military Government, The Territorial Cessions of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines, Guam, & Taiwan, Understanding the San Francisco Peace Treaty's Disposition of Formosa and the Pescadores , Unincorporated Territory, Unincorporated Territory under the United States Military Government (USMG), Why Isn't the US Flag Flying over Taiwan?); * Charts and Diagrams; * Published Articles; * Links [to documents]; * Book Introductions; * Petitioning.


Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
[the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by:
Roger C. S. Lin and Richard W. Hartzell (rgroup.tw--at--gmail.com)

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