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09 June 2006

The Wa Language Dictionary, with Burmese (Myanmar), Chinese, and English Glosses


09 Jun 2006

The School of Oriental and African Studies, London, UK

"A Dictionary of the Wa Language with Burmese (Myanmar), Chinese, and English Glosses and Internet Database for Minority Languages of Burma (Myanmar).
Wa is a member of the Northern Mon-Khmer language family. More specifically, it is the major language of the Palaungic branch of Mon-Khmer. (See map and chart of Austroasiatic languages, which includes, primarily, the Mon-Khmer family.) Wa is spoken by about one million people in an area on the border between China's Yunnan Province and the Shan State of the Union of Myanmar (Burma). [...] The only Wa dictionaries which exist are a few Wa-Chinese dictionaries which are either limited or out-dated.
The SOAS Wa Dictionary Project is a three-year effort (2003-2006), funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to produce a high-quality dictionary, translating Wa into Chinese, Burmese/Myanmar and English. The project uses advanced techniques in corpus-based lexicography, centred on a database and Internet resource, which will also be suitable for other languages spoken in Burma/Myanmar besides Wa after the life of the project."

Site contents:
* Dictionary Database; * Corpus of Wa Texts; * Myanmar Minority Language Database; * Resources (including draft documents on: The Wa System for Personal Names, Numbers in Wa, Wa Weights and Measures, and Wa Area Placenames [i.e. http://mercury.soas.ac.uk/wadict/wa_placenames.html, a gazetteer of places and their long/lat coordinates. I commend the document to all serious students of trade routes in the Thai-Yunnan area - ed.])


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