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04 October 2007

Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)


04 Oct 2007

DVB, Oslo, Norway

"The Democratic Voice of Burma is a non-profit Burmese media organization committed to responsible journalism. Our mission is : - to provide accurate and unbiased news to the people of Burma, - to promote understanding and cooperation amongst the various ethnic and religious groups of Burma, - to encourage and sustain independent public opinion and enable social and political debate - to impart the ideals of democracy and human rights to the people of Burma."

Site contents:
* Front Page - DVB News [Oct 3, 2007 - Sep 30, 2007] (# Oct 3, 2007 - Monks fear government raids on monasteries; # Meikhtila USDA holds pro-government rally?; # Burmese authorities target citizen journalists; # Man arrested for shouting religious slogan; # Arakan protests continue despite threats from authorities; # Supporting DVB - DVB now accepts donations. ; # NLD representatives and party members arrested in protests; # Myitkyina authorities release 90 monks; # Detained monks could be sent to hard labour camps; # KNU Secretary offers to welcome SPDC defectors; # Demonstrations held in India and Sri Lanka; # Counter-protest staged by government supporters; # UN Special Envoy meets junta leader; # Injured monk taken from hospital by officials; # Burmese minister blames protests on "opportunists" and outsiders; # Solidarity protests held around the world; # KNU denounces government brutality; # Smaller-scale protests in Burma on Sunday; # Government organises funerals for protestors; # USDA slams public protests at rally; # Sep 30, 2007 - Government cleans up damage to raided monastery); * Latest News [Oct 3, 2007] (# US denounces Burmese regime as brutal, # ASEAN urges avoidance of violence in Burma, # Buddhist nuns join political protests # Junta Beefs Up Security Around Daw Suu's Compound To Prevent Further Protests, # Democracy icon Suu Kyi greets Myanmar monks, # ILO calls for release of detained activists, # Myanmar diplomat to make first North Korea visit since two country's normalized relations, # 88 student leader denounces government abuse of power); * Features; * Opinion Page; * Interviews; * Photos; * Let's Talk; * Advanced Search; * Keywords Index; * Email Service; * About Us; * Contact Us; * [Readers'] Comments; * DVB News Subscription; * Daily Newsletter; * Photo of the Week.

[A multi-lingual web site (est. 2004) - English, Burmese, Arakan, Kachin, Karen, Karenni, Shan - ed.]

URL http://english.dvb.no/ and http://www.dvb.no

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://english.dvb.no/

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