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27 May 2009

Beyond the Strait: PLA Missions other than Taiwan (a 2009 free download E-book)


27 May 2009

Strategic Studies Institute (SSI), U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA, US

"As the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) capabilities increase in tandem with China's rising power and expanding national interests, the PLA is involved in an increasing number and variety of missions in addition to its traditional focus on contingencies in the Taiwan Strait. Beyond the Strait explores these other missions and objectives, which include disaster and humanitarian relief, United Nations peacekeeping operations (UNPKO), counterterrorism and other border defense, and outer space and cyberspace security."

"Beyond the Strait: PLA Missions other than Taiwan. [2009]. Edited by Mr. Roy Kamphausen, Dr. David Lai, Dr. Andrew Scobell.
While preventing independence likely remains the central aim of the PLA vis-a-vis Taiwan, Chinese foreign policy objectives worldwide are rapidly growing and diversifying. This volume analyzes the PLA's involvement in disaster and humanitarian relief, United Nations peacekeeping operations (UNPKO), counterterrorism and border defense, security in outer space and cyberspace, and the level of activity in regional 'joint' operational contingencies. On the whole, the volume provides a discerning analysis of these varied PLA developments and how they affect policy towards both Taiwan and the entire Asia-Pacific region. While the significance of China has long been understood, the nation's rise to prominence on the world scene is becoming more acutely felt. An understanding of the PLA's growing roles both within China and internationally is of critical importance to the United States."

Table of Contents:
* Foreword - Admiral Dennis C. Blair (Ret.); * Introduction - David Lai and Marc Miller; * How China Manages Taiwan and Its Impact on PLA Missions - Andrew Scobell; * How China Manages Internal Security Challenges and Its Impact on PLA Missions - Murray Scot Tanner; * China's Expanding Presence in UN Peacekeeping Operations and Implications for the United States - Bates Gill and Chin-hao Huang; * PLA Missions in Frontier Security and Counterterrorism - Robert O. Modarelli III; * Strategic Deterrence beyond Taiwan - Brad Roberts; * Prospects for China's Military Space Efforts - Dean Cheng; * PLA Computer Network Operations: Scenarios, Doctrine, Organizations, and Capability - James Mulvenon; * China's Regional Power Projection: Prospects for Future Missions in the South and East China Seas - Mark Cozad; * PLA "Joint" Operational Contingencies in South Asia, Central Asia, and Korea - Larry M. Wortzel.

[A PDF document, approx. 2.4MB strong - ed.]

URL http://www.strategicstudiesinstitute.army.mil/pubs/display.cfm?pubID=910

Link reported by: The National Bureau of Asian Research (nbr--at--nbr.org)

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