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26 April 2010

Daruma San in Japan, Japanese Art and Culture

26 Apr 2010

darumasan.blogspot.com, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.

"Daruma San in Japan, Japanese Art and Culture . . . The Daruma Museum and Gallery Pages . . . Daruma san (Darumasan, Bodhidharuma, Bodhidharma, Daruma Daishi, Dharuma, Dharma). Daruma san is a unique representative of Japanese Culture and its depictions in the various Arts and Crafts. This is a blog [est. Feb 2004 - ed.] for educational purposes only. Dr. Gabi Greve, Gabriele Greve, Darumamuseum, darumapedia, World Kigo Database, Japan."

Site contents:
* Worldkigo Top [http://worldkigodatabase.blogspot.com/];
* Washoku Top [http://washokufood.blogspot.com/];
* Search (Contents from A to S, Contents from T to Z, Search the Daruma Museum [i.e. this very blog - ed.] - All Entries);
* Newsletters (Daruma Museum - Japanese Culture, World Kigo Database - Latest Additions, Washoku - Japanese Food Saijiki);
* My Daruma Links (ABC - Daruma - Main Museum Index - Darumapedia, My Daruma Photo Gallery, My Daruma discussion forum, Daruma Doll Museum, Daruma Pilgrims Gallery - People and Places, Fudo Myo-O Gallery - Deities of Japan, Ceremonies and Festivals of Japan, Asian Dragon Art Gallery, My Glossary of Art Terms, Ask Me - any question about Japan !)
* World Kigo Database - WKD (All about Haiku and Kigo)
* My Haiku Links (My Happy Haiku Gallery, My Asian Haiku Travelogue, Saijiki - Memorial Days of Famous People, Haiku Topics and Keywords);
* Other Art Links (Daruma - Magazine for Antiques. All about Buddha Statues - Mark Schumacher. All about Japanese Pottery - Robert Yellin);
* Monthly Archives [from Feb 2004 onwards].

[A blog site (i.e. a site whose informational architecture is based on the passage of time) that desperately wants to act like a wiki site (i.e. a site whose architecture is based on semantic connections and/or alphabetic word-order) - ed.]

URL: http://darumasan.blogspot.com/

Internet Archive: (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Gabriele Greve (gokurakuatworldkigo--at--gmail.com)

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