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09 September 2010

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS)

09 Sep 2010

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS), Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

"The Academy of Korean Studies was founded by the Korean Government [...in] June 1978 with the purpose of establishing in-depth research on the essence of Korean culture. [...] We will continue to work hard to maintain the Academy as the international academic hub for Korean Studies by conducting comprehensive research on Korean culture, providing education for young leaders in Korean Studies, and enhancing the digitalization of Korean Studies materials. We place our trust in your encouragement and cooperation in order to accomplish these missions together."

Site contents:
* Introduction (President's Message, Foundation Purpose, History, Faculty, Campus Life, Campus Map, Directions, Campus Tour);

* Research (Research and Publications [# Main Research Topics: Basic research on Korean Studies, Diagnosis of contemporary society and seeking future goals, Reappraisal of modern and contemporary Korean history, Korean community worldwide,
# Representative Research Publications: Collections of Korean Oral Literature, Collections of Korean Dialects, The Korean Translation and Annotation of Sam-gook-sa-gi, The Korean Translation and Annotation of Sam-guk-yu-sa, The Korean Translation and Annotation of the Economic Section in the Koryosa, The Korean Translation and Annotation of Kyong-Kuk Dae-Jun, The Korean Translation of Writings by Yi-i, An Outline of the History of Korean Thought, Collected Materials of Korean Independent Movement History, Selected Collection of Base Materials for Korean Studies, Compilation of Historical Materials of Korean Education, Ritual Texts of the Late Choson Period, Compilation of Materials on Rite Rules of the Choson Period, Historical Materials of Painting and Calligraphic Works on Cho-Sun Wang-Jo Sil-lok, Articles on Music in the Veritable Records of the Choson Period],
Academic Conferences, Korean Studies Colloquium, World Congress for Korean Studies, Research on Korean Modern History, Publications);

* Graduate School of Korean Studies (Greetings, Foundation Aim and History, Information, Admission, Special Feature, Research Program (non-degree));

* Jangseogak Library (Jangseogak Library, Information for Users);

* Digitalization of Korean Studies (# Korean Studies Information Center, # Korean Studies on Net [incl. five databases: Korean Figures of Many Generations, a List of Successful Candidates in the Joseon dynasty, Joseon Pictures over 500 Years, a Korean National Culture Dictionary, and an Index of Korean Studies], # Digital library of Korean Studies [multimedia digital library, which holds 40,000 volumes of old documents owned by Jangseo-gak and the library itself, 2,300,000 pages of original texts of ancient documents, 1,200,000 pages of our institutions publications, 6,000 pages of the bibliographical notes of ancient documents, and various audio materials], # Encyclopaedia of Korean Culture [Digitalized Korean National Cultural Encyclopedia (CD-ROM): a total of 70,000 items, 45,000 pages of script and 40,000 photos], # Digitalization of Local Culture, #Digitalization of Historical Materials [incl.: The Korean Royal court culture history materials, Hangul novel materials, Basic Korean history dictionary, Ancient documents owned by reputable families, Unofficial history of Joseon and diary materials, Paintings on Korean culture, Korean literature which has been handed down orally in Korean Clans, Korean folk song overview, Korean dialect materials]);

* International Cooperation (International Cooperation, Institution Grant, AKS Fellowship, Korean Studies Grant, Culture Program for Embassy Staff, Culture Program for Students & Scholars, Korean Studies Colloquium, Korean Studies Net, World Congress for Korean Studies, International Conference on Korean Studies);
* Understanding Korea (Director's Greetings, Introduction, Homepage of Understanding Korea);

* News and Notice (2010 AKS Visiting Scholar Grant for Koren Studies, Admission Guide for International Students, Information session at AAS, Philadelphia, 2010 International Hanmun Summer Workshop, 2010 Application Guidelines, Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies);

* AKS Projects (Understanding Korea Community, Digital Encyclopedia of Korean Local Culture, Digitalization of Old Books and Documents in Jangseogak Library, Research Promotion of Korean Studies, Research Projects of Basic Studies;
* Korean Studies Resources ([White Paper] Korean Studies Net (KSNet), [Resources] Gateway to Korean Studies , [e-dictionary] Glossary of Korean Studies, [Culture and Art] Korean Old Documents, [e Book] Anthology of Korean Studies);

* Evens and Seminars (2006 The World Congress of Korean Studies, The World Koreanists Forum 2005);

* Bulletin Board;
* Email;
* Sitemap;
* Directions;
* [The site in] Korean.

URL http://www.aks.ac.kr/eng_home/main/main.asp

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.aks.ac.kr/eng_home/main/main.asp

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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