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02 September 2010

OldChinaPhotography.com: Nineteenth-Century Chinese Photography

02 Sep 2010

oldchinaphotography.com, Purley, Surrey, UK.

"About This Site: Interest in early photography in China is growing rapidly. The purpose of this site is to encourage that growth by giving access to images of and information about Qing-Dynasty photography. This site is for historical photography only; the cut-off date is 1911 - the end of the Qing Dynasty.
The Terry Bennett Collection of original Qing-Dynasty photographs covers the period 1844-1911, and this site will illustrate a selection of images from that collection."

Site contents:
* Terry Bennett Collection of Early Chinese Photography (# The Collection -- An Overview: The collection includes more than 8,600 original photographs of China and China-related subjects, the vast majority of which cover the period 1844-1911. The collection is an important archive which contains the work of most, if not all of the important nineteenth-century photographers, Chinese and Western. The major events which shaped Chinese history are included and a very large number of the photographs have not been previously published. The collection includes 66 albums of photographs plus approximately 4,000 individual photographs, including many multi-plate panoramas.
# Photographers: John Thomson; Afong Lai; William Saunders; Charles Weed; Tung Hing; Jules Itier; Yamamoto Sanshichiro; John Dudgeon; Milton Miller; Kung Tai; Mee Cheung; Milton Miller; S. Dutton; L. Fisler; St. J. H. Edwards; Emil Riisfeldt; R.C. Hurley; Paul Champion; Pierre Rossier; Charles A. Killie; Wilhelm Burger; Paul-Emile Berranger; Yu Xunling; D.K. Griffith; A.T. Piry; Walter Pontin; James Ricalton; Herbert Ponting; John Wilson; Louis Legrand; Charles Dupin; George Rose; D.R. Clark; C.E. Lemunyon; de Saint Priest; Jacques-Philippe Potteau; W.Tai Fong; Shang Wo; Franz Scholz; Ueno Hikoma; H. Salzwedel & Co; Gustave R. Lambert; Suzuki Tadashi; Wing-Chong; Ying Cheong; Tsoi Cheong; Seng Yuen; Apong & Co; Chow Kwa; Shing Cheung; Cheong-Heng; Ly-Chim; Hang Chung; Yee Cheong; W.G.Todd; Sang-Cheong; Dinmore Bros; Ye-Chung; Tin-Sing; F.Schoenke; Pun-Lun; On-Qua; Hing-Qua John & Co; Man-Foc; Yung Fong; Baron Raimund von Stillfried-Ratenicz; W.H.Harlow, Charles-Edouard Hocquard,H.C. Cammidge, John Papillon and many others ...
# Albums: Felix Beato; John Thomson [Illustrations of China and its People -- 4 Volumes]; Afong Lai; Tung Hing; Mee Chung; R.C.Hurley; William Saunders; Thomas Child; William Floyd; Charles Hocquard -- 1884-85 Franco/Sino War; John Dudgeon; Queen's College Hong Kong -- 4 albums of college life etc; Paul Champion; St. J.H. Edwards; Hankow and the Shanghai Steam Navigation Co.; Shanghai Race Club Amateur Circus, 1870s; Jinghan Railway Construction [Beijing-Hankou]; Early 1850s albums of Shanghai; Charles Killie [Boxer Photos taken During Actual Seige] and many others ...
# Events: 1857 Anglo/French bombardment of Canton (Guangzhou); 1860 Opium War; 1869 Hong Kong Visit of Duke of Edinburgh; 1873 Hong Kong Typhoon; 1876 First Railway in China [Shanghai-Woosung]; 1876 Chinese representation at Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia; 1878 International Exposition, Paris -- Chinese Works of Art; 1883-85 Franco-Chinese War; 1894 Hong Kong Plague; 1898-1905 Construction of Jinghan Railway [Beijing-Hankou]; 1900 Boxer Uprising; 1908 Funeral of Emperor; 1908 Funeral of Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi; 1910-11 Changchun and Manchurian Plague; 1911 Chinese Revolution; and many others ...
# Places: Canton (Guangzhou); Tientsin (Tianjin); Macao; Hankow; Foochow (Fuzhou); Peking; Hong Kong; Shanghai; Amoy (Xiamen); Formosa (Tainan); Chefoo (Yentai); Swatow (Shantou); Wuchow (Wuzhou); Wuhu; Nanking (Nanjing); Ningpo (Ningbo); Summer Palace [comprehensive coverage of the ruined Yuanmingyuan area]; Soochow (Suzhou); Ninghua; Harbin (Ha'erbin); Haikou; Jiujiang; Hangchow (Hangzhou); Taku (Dagu); Chengdu; Wenchow (Wenzhou) and many others ...
# Special Items: 1844 daguerreotype of Macau by Jules Itier [earliest photograph of China]; Group of Milton Miller 1860s photos of Chinese Mandarins [...]);
* Items for Sale (Books, Photographs, Other Items);
* Research (Articles & Research on Old Chinese Photography: # China, # The Search for Rossier -- Early Photographer of China & Japan);
* Contact us;
* Links;
* Full searchable listing of the collection (PDF - 1.6MB);
* Sample images from the collection;
* Latest News (6 Aug 2010 - Sample Images From the Collection - Uploading Completed, 4 Jul 2010 - Sample Images From the Collection, 22 Aug 2009 - New Research Findings: Felix Beato, Milton Miller & Charles Parker, 17 Nov 2008 - Major new work on Chinese photo history to be published!).

URL http://www.oldchinaphotography.com/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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