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27 October 2010

EALRGA (East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia) Newsletter [full text issues Jul 2010 - May 1995]

27 Oct 2010

Australian National University Library, Canberra / National Library of Australia, Canberra / University of Melbourne Library, Melbourne, Australia.

Supplied note:
"Wed, Sep 01, 2010 [...] Dear EALRGA readers, On behalf of the EALRGA Committee, I am pleased to advise you that the EALRGA (East Asian Library Resources Group of Australia) NEWSLETTER ISSN 1832-7648 issue No. 56 (July 2010) has just been published. The link is: [at the URL below]
I would like to express my sincere thanks to all authors who had contributed outstanding articles, reports and news to this issue. I would also like to thank Ms Wan Wong who had uploaded all files and images to the EALRGA server. Below is the content of no. 56 for your information - bhy."

Site contents:
* Current Issue - No. 56 (July 2010) [with individual articles and columns in PDF format]
(## Articles and Reports :
# A message from the EALRGA Newsletter Editor by Bick-har Yeung,
# Chinese art, archaeology and rare books : the Yetts Collection by Andrew Gosling,
# China's Kam Minority: A Short Bibliographic Outline of Kam-Related Research Materials in the University of Melbourne Library by Catherine Ingram,
# Taiwan Studies Collection: Airiti by David Lai,
# Integration: A New way for Chinese Legal Information Services by TIAN Wei and FAN Jing-yi,
## Reports:
# Asian Studies Association of Australia, 18th Biennial Conference, University of Adelaide, 5-8 July 2010 by Andrew Gosling,
# Asian Studies Association of Australia, 18th Biennial Conference, University of Adelaide, 5-8 July 2010 by Amy Chan,
## Library News and Social Events:
# News from the Japanese Collection at the University of Melbourne by Michelle Hall,
# Accomplishment of National Library Chinese Serial Card Catalogue Conversion Project by Di Pin Ouyang,
# Major Acquisitions: news from the Chinese Collections at NLA by Di Pin Ouyang,
# News from the Japanese Unit, Asian Collections, National Library of Australia by Mayumi Shinozaki,
# News from the Chinese Collection, the University of Melbourne Library by Bick-har Yeung,
## Upcoming Conferences and other information, compiled by Bick-har Yeung:
# Upcoming conferences,
# Other information);
* Previous Issues [with access to their full text] (No. 55 (Jan 2010) - No. 33 (Mar 1997), 1995 and 1996 newsletters [No. 32 (Nov 1996) - No. 29 (May 1995)]);
* EALRGA Committee;
* Membership Information;
* EALRGA Mailing List;
* Links to Related Sites (# Library associations with an interest in East Asia [ = ALIA Asia and Pacific Special Interest Group (APSIG), Council on East Asian Libraries (CEAL), European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS), European Association of Sinological Librarians (EASL), Hong Kong Library Association (HKLA)], # Useful sites, # Asian Studies Associations, # Related WWW Virtual Library Projects);
* EALRGA Free Board [under construction].

URL http://coombs.anu.edu.au/SpecialProj/NLA/EALRGA/newsletter.html

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://coombs.anu.edu.au/SpecialProj/NLA/EALRGA/newsletter.html

Link reported by: Bick-Har Yeung (bhy--at--unimelb.edu.au), forwarded by Andrew Gosling (andrewgosling--at--netspeed.com.au)

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