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28 September 2010

Digital Library of India (DLI) [with over 230,000 online books]

28 Sep 2010

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

"Digital Library of India [est. circa 2003 - ed.] - Hosted by: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in co-operation with CMU, IIIT, NSF, ERNET and MCIT for the Govt. of India and 21 participating centers. [...] The primary long-term objective is to capture all books in digital format. It is believed that such a task is impossible and could take hundreds of years, and never be completed. Thus, as a first step we are planning to demonstrate the feasibility by undertaking to digitize 1 million books (less than 1% of all books in all languages ever published) by 2005. [...] One of the goals of the Digital Library of India is to provide support for full text indexing and searching based on OCR (optical character recognition) technologies where available. [...] This 24x7 resource would also provide an excellent test bed for language processing research in areas such as machine translation, optical character recognition, summarization, speech and hand writing recognition, intelligent indexing, and information retrieval in Indian languages. It is our expectation that the Digital Library of India will be mirrored at several locations worldwide so as to protect the integrity and availability of the data. The DLI will also partner with other country specific Digital Libraries initiatives as part of the Universal Library Project (www.ulib.org) [...]."

Site contents:
* Vision;
* Mission;
* Goals;
* Benefits,
* Content Selection (1. Coordination of Selection, 2. Non-copyrighted materials, 3. Best books approach);
* Current Status;
* People (Academia, Government, CMU [Carnegie Mellon University, USA], US Advisors, China, The Team, Past Project Assistants);
* Partners;
* Funding;
* Copyright Policy;
* FAQ;
* RFP;
* Members;
* Search (# Title, # Author, # Year, # Subject [35 subjects ranging from Art and Architecture through History and Marketing to Sociology, Statistics and Zoology], # Language [Any Language, Arabic, Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, English, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Norwegian, Oriya, Pali, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Sanskrit, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Tibetan, Urdu, Multi, Others, Unknown], # Scanning Centre [select from the list of the 25 Indian centers involved in the project]);
* Free online access to both the metadata for and contents of all scanned books);
* Books from Partner Sites;
* Presentations and Report;
* Statistics Report;
* Status Report [No of Books scanned by 28 Sep 2010 = 231,679; No of Pages scanned by 28 Sep 2010 = 81,388,365 - ed.];
* Feedback;
* Recent collection;
* Recent updates;
* Partner site with PDF collection.

URL http://www.dli.ernet.in/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.dli.ernet.in/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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