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14 September 2010

Securing the Future for Elephants in India - The Report of the Elephant Task Force

14 Sep 2010

Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, New Delhi, India.

Supplied note:
"Dear colleagues, As you may know, India despite a human population density now approaching 400 per sq.kilometer or 1000 per square mile, supports several rare macrofauna including the only surviving Asian lions, and most of the fast-dwindling tiger, elephant and rhinoceros populations of Asia. A major study of study of the status of the Indian elephant has just been released and should be available at the link below. - Sumit Guha, Rutgers University."

"Securing the Future for Elephants in India - The Report of the Elephant Task Force, Ministry of Environment and Forests, August 31, 2010 [by] Dr Mahesh Rangarajan, Mr Ajay Desai, Dr R Sukumar, Dr PS Easa, Mr Vivek Menon, Dr S Vincent, Ms Suparna Ganguly, Dr BK Talukdar, Mr Brijendra Singh, Dr Divya Mudappa, Dr Sushant Chowdhary, Mr AN Prasad."

Site contents:
Acknowledgements pp. i

Table of Contents pp. iv

Executive Summary pp. 1

1. Chapter 1 : Introduction pp. 9

2. Chapter 2 : Establishing a better Governance Model pp. 15

3. Chapter 3 : Upgrading Research and Monitoring Systems pp. 27

4. Chapter 4 : Securing Elephant Landscapes pp. 40

(a). Survey of elephant landscapes pp. 41

(b). Elephant corridors pp. 54

(c). Development activities and Elephant landscapes pp. 59

5. Chapter 5 : Mitigating Human?Elephant Conflict pp. 71

6. Chapter 6 : Anti Poaching, Trade and International Ivory Issues pp. 91

7. Chapter 7 : Compassionate care for Captive Elephants pp. 106

8. Chapter 8 : A Global lead for India in elephant conservation 1pp. 20

9. Chapter 9 : Taking Gajah to the People pp. 124

10. Chapter 10 : Summary of Major Recommendations [Recommendations on Governance and Law, Recommendations on Estimation, Monitoring and Research, Recommendations on Securing Elephant Corridors, Recommendations on Control of Poaching and Ivory Trade, Recommendations on the Welfare of Captive Elephants, Human-Elephant Conflict - Recommendations for Mitigating Conflict, Recommendations on Awareness and Outreach, Recommendation on taking the Global Lead in Elephant Conservation - ed.] pp. 129

References pp. 143

I. List of Submissions pp. 152

II. List of Hearings pp. 157

III. Elephant Reserves in India pp. 158

IV a. Priority I Elephant Corridors pp. 162

IV b. Priority II Elephant Corridors pp. 163

V. Guidelines for Perspective Plans pp. 166

VI. Flow diagram of elephant monitoring pp. 170

VII. Enumeration of Elephants 2005: Guidelines for calculating Dung Decay Rate for Elephant Reserves by Retrospective Method pp. 171

VIII. Elephant Census 2005: Methodology and Dates pp. 177

URL http://www.moef.nic.in/downloads/public-information/ETF_REPORT_FINAL.pdf

[A PDF document some 1 MB strong - ed.]

Internet Archive (web.archive.org( [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Sumit Guha (sguha--at--history.rutgers.edu), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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