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15 October 2010

Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR)

14 Oct 2010

School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, London, UK.

"Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR) - Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project, School of Oriental and African Studies, London ELAR preserves and disseminates digital documentation of endangered languages around the world. ELAR provides archiving for all endangered language documentation, especially the outcomes of ELDP-funded [= Endangered Languages Documentation Programme funded - ed.] projects. ELAR also provides training and other archive-related services. ELAR currently has about 70 deposits. [Several of them] have been released for access, subject to depositors' conditions."

Site contents:
* Find a deposit: List (In Oct 2010 Asia-Pacific deposits included:
# Brunei (Folktales and interviews in Brunei-Dusun - deposited by Eva Kershaw);
# China (Linguistic and cultural documentation of Sadu - deposited by Xianming Xu, Pingjiang traditional love songs - deposited by Shenkai Zhang, Primary data of Daohua - deposited by Yeshes Vodgsal Acuo, Primary data of Wutunhua - deposited by Yeshes Vodgsal Acuo, Tibetan Dialects from Southern Kham - deposited by Gareth Sparham);
# Indonesia (Documentation of Rongga - deposited by I Wayan Arka, Documentation of Ratahan - deposited by Anthony Jukes, Linguistic data of Kouro - deposited by Margaret Florey, Linguistic data of Sou Amana Teru - deposited by Simon Musgrave);
# India (Bajjika: Swadesh List Elicitation Sessions - deposited by Jay Huwieler, Documentation of Betta Kurumba - deposited by Gail Coelho, Documentation of Malto - deposited by Chaithra Puttaswamy, Recordings of Singpho and Turung linguistic material - deposited by Stephen Morey, Vanishing Voices of the Great Andamanese 2006, 2008 - deposited by Anvita Abbi);
# Iraq (Preservation of the Jewish Iraqi spoken language - deposited by Eli Timan)
# New Caledonia (Documentation of Caac - deposited by Aurelie Cauchard)
# Nepal (Documentation of Koyi Rai - deposited by Aimee Lahaussois, Linguistic and ethnographic documentation of Baram - deposited by Yogendra Prasad Yadava, Linguistic and ethnographic documentation of Thangmi - deposited by Mark Turin, Barupu grammar and dictionary materials - deposited by Miriam Corris, Documentation of Walman - deposited by Matthew Dryer) Philippines (Palawan-Tagalog-English Dictionary - deposited by Charles Macdonald)
# Pakistan (Documentation of Torwali - deposited by Inam Ullah)
# Russia (Language endangerment in the Upper-Lozva Voguls - deposited by Gabor Szekely, Middle Chulym (Oes dili): An Endangered Turkic Language of Siberia - deposited by David Harrison, Primary data of Vasyugan and Aleksandrovo dialects of Eastern Khanty - deposited by Andrey Filchenko)
# Solomon Islands (Documentation of Kubokota - deposited by Mary Chambers)
# Turkey (Pan-dialectal documentation of Laz - deposited by Rene Lacroix)
# Vanuatu (Audio recordings and images of Bierebo speakers - deposited by Peter Budd, Documentation of Mavea - deposited by Valerie Guerin, Documentation of Vures - deposited by Catriona Hyslop)
* Find a deposit: [via an interactive electronic] Map;
* Help (Using this website, Depositor's handbook, ELAR User Account Terms and Conditions and Data Protection Statement);
* Forums (Forums for ELAR depositors and ELDP grantees);
* Login;
* New user [Apply for an ELAR User Account];
* Feedback (Preview stage of editing, Requests and suggestions, Speed and usability, Website design).
* Documentation Grants 2003-2009 [http://www.hrelp.org/grants/] # Endangered Languages (Resources, How you can help); # Language Documentation (What is it? Examples); # Courses (PhD, MA); # Events (Seminars, Workshops); # Archive (Language resources, Depositors); # Research Grants (How to apply, Projects); # Publications (Books & papers, Newsletter); # About Us (Staff, Students, Visitors, Contact us); # My HRELP).

URL http://elar.soas.ac.uk/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: David Nathan (djn--at--soas.ac.uk)

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