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03 November 2010

South Asian Legal History Resources

03 Nov 2010

UW Law School, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA.

Supplied note:
"I have started a South Asian Legal History Resources website: [at the URL below] It includes a number of research tools on the history of law in South Asia, particularly for the colonial period.
Among these are: * a research guide to using case law from colonial South Asia (written for non-lawyers), * a list of abbreviations used in South Asian case law citation, * a list of published primary sources (including legislation, case digests, law reports and law journals), * a list of titles held in the library of a colonial solicitors' firm in Bombay, c.1911, * a list of titles of articles in seven leading colonial law journals, 1891-1947 (none of these journals is available electronically), * admission register entries of South Asian law students at the Inns of Court in London, 1863-1947 (including demographic information) - Mitra Sharifi."

"The aim of this website is to share tools and resources for the historical study of law in South Asia."

Site contents:
* Citation Abbreviations;
* Colonial Law Journals (incl.: PDF copies of Allahabad Law Journal, vol.1 (1904)-45 (1947), Bombay Law Journal, vol.1 (1923-4)-24 (1946), Bombay Law Reporter (journal section), vol.2 (1900)-49 (1947), Calcutta Law Journal, vol.1 (1905)-82 (1947), Criminal Law Journal of India, vol.1 (1904)-45 (1944), Madras Law Journal, vol.1 (1891)-93 (1947), Travancore Law Journal, vol.1 (1911)-34 (1944));
* Colonial Law Library [a list of books owned by Bombay Solicitors' Firm, Wadia Ghandy & Co., circa 1911];
* Images (incl.: Bombay High Court, Calcutta High Court (Kolkata), Formerly Rangoon' s Chief Court of Lower Burma (Yangon), Lincoln' s Inn (London), Lincoln' s Inn Great Hall (London));
* Mitra Sharafi' s Publications (Links to online articles and papers on: South Asian Legal History, History of the Legal Profession, Zoroastrian Legal Studies, Legal Pluralism, Slavery);
* Published Primary Sources ["This list identifies a set of materials that, while often rare, are more accessible than unpublished, archival sources. It covers legislation, case digests, law reports and journals."];
* Research Guide to Case Law ("The purpose of this guide is to help historians develop productive research strategies for the study of law in colonial South Asia. Its main focus is one particular type of legal source: case law." 1. Background: The Role of Precedent; 2. Published Sources: Law Reports, Case Digests, Newspapers & Legislation; 3. Unpublished Sources: Case Papers, Judges' Notebooks, Private Papers & Oral History; 4. Format: Organizing and Citing Cases);
* South Asians [Asian law students 1861-1947 learning to become barristers] at the Inns [of Court]];
* Links to useful [online] materials & catalogues: (incl.: A2A (UK), British Library: Asia, Pacific & Africa, British Library Integrated Catalogue, Cambr. Oral History Collection, Cooperative Hindu Law Bibliography, Digital South Asia Library, Heinonline, India: A Legal Research Guide, Indlaw, Inner Temple Database (UK), Inst. for Adv. Legal Studies Library (UK), JUSTIS (UK), LawNet (Sri Lanka), Making Britain, Making of Modern Law, Manupatra, National Archives (UK), Ox. Int'l Encyc. of Legal History, Parliamentary Papers, Scott MS: Indians at Inns, 1859-1927, SOAS Library (UK), Times Dig. Archive (UK), Wharton' s Law Lexicon (1892), Worldcat);
* Links to useful organizations, networks & opportunities (incl.: American Institute for Indian Studies, American Society for Legal History, Bombay High Court, Calcutta High Court, K.R. Cama Institute (India), LASSNet (India), National Archives of India, National Library of India).

URL http://hosted.law.wisc.edu/wordpress/sharafi/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Mitra Sharifi (sharafi--at--wisc.edu), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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