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14 January 2011

Digital Atlas of Indonesian History [by Robert Cribb] [an interlinked CD-WWW edition]

14 Jan 2011

NIASPress, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Welcome to the 'Digital Atlas of Indonesian History' by Robert Cribb. This work is based on the author's landmark 'Historical Atlas of Indonesia' (published in 2000) [Historical Atlas of Indonesia Robert Cribb, Curzon Press, 2000, 266 pp., 327 maps, Hbk, 978-0-7007-0985-4 Co-published by the University of Hawai'i Press (Honolulu) and New Asian Library (Singapore) - ed.] but has been expanded and updated with over 150 new maps, a new chapter, and other revisions and corrections.

The result is a wide-ranging reference work for Indonesian history [published in 2010 - ed.], consisting of a concise history of the archipelago in six chapters and a collection of nearly 500 maps saved in different formats suitable for use in classroom teaching (e.g. using Powerpoint) and for royalty-free reproduction by scholars in their own publications. In addition, the atlas offers reproductions of some historical maps, links to a wide range of other archival material and a printed user guide.
We hope that you find the Digital Atlas a powerful explanation of Indonesian political, social and economic history and a fascinating companion to your own studies of the archipelago.

[...] Please note that there are differences between the atlas DVD and its companion website. The most important of these are: # The DVD is delivered as a finished work whereas over time the website will be updated with new material. # Launching the DVD is all that is required to access all of its features whereas access to the secure, fully featured section of the website first requires registration and then login (as well as access to the Internet, of course). # A Google custom search can be made of the website but not of the DVD. Otherwise, the contents of the DVD and website should be exactly the same."

Site contents:
* Home (Welcome, Preface, Acknowledgements, Inside the Digital Atlas, Detailed Contents, System Requirements, Website vs DVD, How to Order, About the Author, About the Historical Atlas, About NIAS Press);

* Guide (Introduction, Getting Started, Features and Navigation, Searching the Atlas, Finding Maps, Working with Maps, Conditions of Use, Registration, Logging On and Off, Backup and Restore, FAQ, Additional Help);

* Chapters
(INTRODUCTION: Maps of the Past, Earlier Atlases, Terminology and Spelling, Basic Geographical Information;
1. LANDSCAPE AND ENVIRONMENT: Moving Continents and Fiery Mountains, Earth, Wind and Water, Ecological Change;
2. PEOPLES: The Origins of Ethnic Diversity, - Language, - Literacy, - World Religions, Migration and Ethnicity, Cities and Urbanization, Population;
3. STATES AND POLITIES UNTIL 1800: The Earliest States, - Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula, - Java, - Bali and Nusatenggara, - Borneo (Kalimantan), - Sulawesi and Maluku (The Moluccas), - Imagining the Archipelago, Europeans in the Archipelago;
4. THE NETHERLANDS INDIES, 1800-1942: Conquest and Annexation, - Java, - Sumatra, - Borneo, - Eastern Indonesia, Administration, Government, Society and the Rise of a National Consciousness;
5. WAR, INDEPENDENCE AND POLITICAL TRANSFORMATIONS, 1942-1998: Occupation and Revolution, Tension and Conflict in the Republic, 1950-1966, The New Order, The End of the New Order, Foreign Relations, East Timor, Maritime Boundaries;
6. THE REFORM ERA, 1999 TO THE PRESENT: Elections, Decentralization and Secession, Ethnic and Religious Conflict, Natural Disasters, Borders);

* Maps
(# About the Maps, # Finding Maps, (# Working with Maps, # Editing Maps, # Search Indexes: (by place name A-Z, e.g.: Baa, Baah, Babad, Babah Nipah, Babar, Babar Islands, Babar-eilanden, Babat, Babelan, Babi, Babi Mandi, Babian - See Also Bawean, Baburiwa, Bacan - See Also Batjan, Bachian, Bada, Badak, Badung, Bagan Siapiapi, Bagelen - See Also Bagleen, Bagi, Baginda, Bagleen - See Also Bagelen, Bagoh, Baham, Bahau, Bahontehu, Bajabang, Bajawa, Bajeng, Bajo, Bajongbong, Bakongan, Bakumpai [...],
by topic [A-Z, e.g.: A Famosa fort, Abui language, Aceh War, Acehnese, Acehnese language, Act of Free Choice, Adabe language, Adam Air, adat, adatrecht [...]],
by date [1 CE - 1000 CE, 1000 - 1500, 1500 - 1600, 1600 - 1700, 1700 - 1800, 1800 - 1850, 1850 - 1875, 1875 - 1900, 1900 - 1910, 1910 - 1920, 1920 - 1930, 1930 - 1940, 1940 - 1950, 1950 - 1960, 1960 - 1970, 1970 - 1980, 1980 - 1990, 1990 - 1995, 1995 - 2000, 2000 - 2005, 2005 ?] by map title [A-Z incl.: Aceh administrative divisions, 1999, Administrative divisions in Dutch Sumatra 1873-1906, Adult literacy, 1990, Airlangga's kingdom, 11th century, Bomb explosions in Kuta, Bali, October 2002, DPRD election results for 2009, North Sumatra, Dutch conquest of northern Sumatra, 1837-1907, Europeans in Java, 1920, Extinction of the Java Tiger, Family planning acceptors, 1985, Federal Indonesia as proposed in the Linggajati Agreement, Majapahit's empire on Java, Majapahit's overseas empire, Major destructive earthquakes in Indonesian history, Major destructive volcanic eruptions in Indonesian history, 1006-1996, Major home regions of Chinese migrants to Indonesia, Oil and gas working areas, 1974, Opium consumption and registered opium users, 1932, Pilgrims to Mekka as a proportion of the indigenous population of each gewest, 1927, Rijklof van Goens' description of main roads in Mataram, 1648-1654, Salt monopoly in 1881, Sarekat Islam membership, 1912-1916, Scenes of religious conflict in northern Halmahera, Scenes of religious conflict in northern Halmahera, Sites of hominid remains in Java, Slaving in the Indonesian archipelago, 16th-18th centuries, States and courts in the archipelago, ca A.D. 550, Towns with population greater than 10,000, Java, 1920, Tsunami damage in the Acehnese capital, Banda Aceh, Vernacular newspapers and periodicals in the Netherlands Indies, 1875-1900, Western New Guinea, 1942-1944: Japanese invasion, Dutch resistance and Allied re-occupation, Yogyakarta administrative divisions, 2007, Yogyakarta earthquake, 2006]),
# Spelling Issues);

* Extras
(# Printable base maps of Indonesia and Southeast Asia that users may freely adapt for their own use. # Scanned images from the 10th edition of W. van Gelder's Schoolatlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indie. # A directory of stable internet links to historical maps of the Indonesian archipelago available online);

* Updates ["[...] as Indonesia's history unfolds, it may well be that the author wishes to offer new maps responding to other developments. (Nothing is promised, of course.) In addition, despite extensive 'road testing', it would not be surprising if someday an atlas user finds an error or omission (a missed interrelationship between maps, for instance); this - and all sorts of other feedback from users of the Digital Atlas - is very welcome. For these reasons, changes to what is published here on this atlas DVD are inevitable." # Entry Page, # Feedback, # Keeping Updated);

* Search.

URL http://www.indonesianhistory.info/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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