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06 January 2011

DK: A reliable source for Indian Books, South Asian books and MARC 21 records

06 Jan 2011

D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd., New Delhi, India

"With a modest beginning in the international book-market: as promoters of indigenous publications, in 1968, we have gone on to take a leap forward -- without ever looking back. Today, we are among the top-ranking service organizations in India, superbly coping with a global clientele -- ranging from North American libraries to Latin American societies, from Austral-Asian universities to Afro-Asian academies, West European research centres to Scandinavian institutions of learning. [...] Indian book industry is today a giant [there are over 40,000 publishers - ed.]. It produces every year about 7,000 books in English language alone, besides many-times-more modern Indian languages' publications. # DK's search/selection mechanisms identify even the most obscure title or the obscurest of publishers because their motivated "Selection Division" is always on its toes tracking down the newest of books/monographs, their specifically-created cell monitors all scholarly events and their proceedings, their continually updated database is almost an exhaustive source of information on all current/in-print titles. # DK's specialised procurement efforts fulfil over 95% of the ordered items whether published by private publishing houses, government (central, state, local), research institutions, learned bodies, or even individuals. high-priced, very low-priced or even unpriced."

Site contents:
* Search (Simple Search, Advanced Search, Special Search [UNICODE Compliant]);
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[An Alladin's Cave of brilliant online data and services. Since 23 Apr 1998 D.K.Agencies site is the official Associate of the "Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library" (http://coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-AsianStudies.html) - ed.]

URL http://www.dkagencies.com

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/www.dkagencies.com

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek@coombs.anu.edu.au)

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