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15 December 2010

South Asia Intelligence Review (SAIR), Weekly Assessments & Briefings

15 Dec 2010

South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATP), Institute for Conflict Management, New Delhi, India

Self-description: "The South Asia Intelligence Review (SAIR) is a weekly service [a free web and email newsletter with assessments & briefings, launched in Jul 2002 - ed.] that brings you regular data, assessments and news briefs on terrorism, insurgencies and sub-conventional warfare, on counter-terrorism responses and policies, as well as on related economic, political, and social issues, in the South Asian region. SAIR is a project of the Institute for Conflict Management [http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/icm/index.html] and the South Asia Terrorism Portal [http://www.satp.org/]. [...] Data and assessments from SAIR can be freely published in any form with credit to the South Asia Intelligence Review of the South Asia Terrorism Portal."

Site contents [Vol 9, No. 23, Dec 13, 2010]:

* Bangladesh (Assessment, Backgrounder, Bibliography, Documents, Data Sheets, Timelines, Terrorist Groups);

* Bhutan (Assessment, Backgrounder, Bibliography, Documents, Data Sheets, Timelines);

* India (Assessment, Bibliography, Documents, Data Sheets, Terrorist Groups, Timelines, States of India);

* Nepal (Assessment, Bibliography, Documents, Data Sheets, Timelines, Terrorist Groups);

* Pakistan (Assessment, Backgrounder, Bibliography, Baluchistan, FATA, KP, Punjab, Sindh, Documents, Data Sheets, Timelines, Terrorist Groups);

* Sri Lanka (Assessment, Bibliography, Documents, Data Sheets, Timelines, Terrorist Groups);

* [Daily] Terrorism Update;

* Latest on SATP (Incl: # Assam Assessment -Year 2011 (Dec 8, 2009), # Andhra Pradesh Assessment - 2011 (Dec 8, 2009), # Nepal Assessment -Year 2011 (Nov 28, 2010), # Sri Lanka Assessment -Year 2011 (Nov 28, 2010), # Sri Lanka: Document: 18th Amendment To Sri Lanka Constitution October 2010 (Nov 29, 2010), # Sri Lanka: Document: APRC Final Report 2010 (Nov 9, 2010), # Pakistan: Datasheets:Tribal Elders killed in Pakistan (Oct 27, 2010));
* South Asia (Overview, Documents, Conflict Map);

* Publication (# Faultlines [http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/publication/faultlines/index.html], # Knights of Falsehood [http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/publication/nightsoffalsehood/index.html], # Global Threat of Terror [http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/publication/books/index.html], # Book Store [http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/publication/store/index.html]);

* Maps (South Asia, Countries, States of India, Terrorist Camps, Afghanistan, US-Afghanistan Warmap);

* Freedom from Fear (Occasional writings on Terrorism and Givernance by K.P.S Gill, Incl: # Trivial Pursuit - Times of India, New Delhi, Jun 22, 2009, # Homegrown, yes, but ISI inspired - The Pioneer, Sep 24, 2008, # Political consensus is crucial - Daily News and Analysis, Aug 2, 2008, # Blame ISI for Kabul's woes - The Pioneer, Jul 12, 2008, # West ignoring ISI's deadly role - The Pioneer, Jun 07, 2008, # 'The Implosion of International Terrorism - M.L. Sondhi Prize for International Politics, 2007, Apr 19, 2008, # 'Outsiders' must be welcomed - The Pioneer, Mar 22, 2008);

* Wars Within Borders (Occasional writings on sub-conventional conflicts by Ajai Sahni, Incl: # INDIA: Kashmir: The Hour of the Vulture, South Asia Intelligence Review, Sep 27, 2010, # INDIA: Bihar: Falsehood, Infirmity & Death, South Asia Intelligence Review, Sep 6, 2010, # INDIA: Anti-Maoist Strategy: Utter Disarray, South Asia Intelligence Review, Jul 19, 2010, # INDIA: West Bengal: A Year of Failure, South Asia Intelligence Review, Jun 21, 2010, # Counter-insurgency: Some Myths and Principles, 40th All India Police Science Congress, Jun 2, 2010, # Catchphrases aren't strategies, Hindustan Times, New Delhi, May 30, 2010, # Where the Buck Stops, Indian Express, New Delhi, May 28, 2010, # INDIA:CI Strategies: Garbage In, Garbage Out, South Asia Intelligence Review, May 24, 2010, # INDIA: Death by Delusion, South Asia Intelligence Review, Apr 12, 2010);

* SATP (Sitemap, Contact, Links, Feedback, Suport Us);

* Search.

URL http://satp.org/satporgtp/sair/index.htm

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://satp.org/satporgtp/sair/index.htm

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