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25 November 2010

Denki Etcetera! [a database of late Tokugawa period Japanese intellectual biographical profiles]

25 Nov 2010

www.denki-etcetera.nl, The Netherlands.

"This website [est. May 2008 is] a continuation of [Anna Beerens'] PhD research project [...] entitled 'Friends, Acquaintances, Pupils and Patrons, Japanese intellectual life in the late eighteenth century: a prosopographical approach' (ISBN 9789087280017) [2006 Leiden University Press]. [...] [... The site publishes] biographical data concerning 173 individuals, who in the late 18th century were part of an extensive network of personal contacts. [...] The aim is to discover patterns and/or common characteristics. Generally, it is about setting side by side data about years of birth and death, gender, place or region of birth, social status, education, career, sources of income, choice of spouse, and personal contacts. The 173 individuals [... that Anna Beerens'] PhD thesis deals with were all intellectuals, persons involved in the scholarly, literary and/or artistic discourse of their time."

Site contents:
* Search the database by
(# PERSON: 173 names;
# STATUS: commoner, kuge, member of the imperial family, retained physician, retained scholar, ronin, samurai, samurai daimyo, shinto priest, unclear, unknown;
# INCOME: administration Bakufu, administration court, administration domanial, administration kuge, administration rural, administration temple, book illustration, botany, calligraphy, Chinese studies, commerce, domestic service, haikai, Japanese studies, kanshikyoka, manufacturing, medicine, music, painting, popular fiction, pottery, priesthood buddhist, priesthood shinto, priesthood shugenja, print making, publishing, seal carving, therapy, unclear, unknown, waka, Western studies;
# ACTIVITY: astronomy/calendrical sciences, book illustration, botany, Buddhist studies, calligraphy, Chinese studies, collecting culinary studies/cooking, epigraphy/kanji, etymology, gardening, haikai, Japanese studies, kanshikyoka, mathematics, medicine, military studies, music painting, political, economic and administrative studies, popular fiction, pottery, print making, publishing, seal carving, sencha, senryu, vernacular Chinese, waka, Western studies;
# YEAR: 1700, 1705, 1710, 1715 ... 1860).

URL http://www.denki-etcetera.nl/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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