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02 December 2010

Why Japan? 10 Advantages to Investing in Japan

02 Dec 2010

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Tokyo, Japan

Supplied note:
"Japan's economy [...] is mainly based on services, which constitute two thirds of GDP, with banking, insurance, real estate, retailing, transportation and telecommunications accounting for the largest part. The industrial sector is diversified and contributes nearly 30% to GDP. [...] Agriculture, which is heavily subsidized, accounts for 5% of GDP. For more information about the structure of the Japanese economy consult the Regional Economic Report of the Bank of Japan [http://www.boj.or.jp/en/type/ronbun/chiiki_rep/chiiki1010.htm].
Japan's main product exports are cars, ships, electronic devices and computers, while its most important imports are raw materials such as oil, coal, foodstuff and wood. Its most important trade partners are China (main supplier) and the USA (main customer), followed by South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Australia. [...] For more information, consult Foreign Trade Statistics on the Ministry of Finance Website [http://www.customs.go.jp/toukei/info/index_e.htm]. - FITA's Really Useful Resources."

"Japan is the center of new trends and creativity and is a coveted testing ground for new products. A survey of foreign-affiliated firms in Japan conducted by JETRO in early 2008 indicated that one in five of these companies sees Japan as a center for research and development and as a base for business activities in Asia. Today, increasing numbers of companies around the world are partnering with Japanese companies to develop products and services, create innovative technologies, and conduct R&D projects. [...]."

Site contents:
* Investing in Japan (Investment News, Support and Services, Regional Information, Success Stories, How to Set Up Business in Japan, Attractive Sectors, Directory for Doing Business in Japan, Reports & Pamphlets, Q&A);
* Why Japan? 10 Advantages to Investing in Japan (1. Japan - A Market of Enormous Potential [GDP comparison of Japan with other major economic regions (US$ billion, 2007], 2. Sophisticated Consumers with High Purchasing Power and Discerning Tastes, 3. Promising Markets and Industries [Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Medical & Health Care, Automotive Parts, Environment-related Market:- Statistics, Charts and Commentaries], 4. Home of the World's Top Companies, 5. SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] Possess Unique Technologies, 6. Innovation Ushering in the Future, 7. A Gateway to the Asian Market, 8. Foreign Companies Expanding Business in Japan, 9. Mature Investment Infrastructure, 10. A Secure, Comfortable Living Environment);
* JETRO - Cool Japan (Japanese Food, Japanese Fashion, Japanese Design, Japanese Entertainment)
* JETRO - Business Opportunities (Business Matching Database (TTPP), Online Trade Fair Database (J-messe), Japanese Govemment Procurement);
* JETRO - Reports and Statistics (Market Reports, Standards and Regulations, Survey Reports, Japanese Trade and Investment Statistics, JETRO White Paper);
* JETRO - About us;
* Search.

[A multi-lingual (JP, EN, CN, KR, DE, FR) website - ed.]

["JETRO, or the Japan External Trade Organization, is a government-related organization that works to promote mutual trade and investment between Japan and the rest of the world. Originally established in 1958 to promote Japanese exports abroad, JETRO's core focus in the 21st century has shifted toward promoting foreign direct investment into Japan and helping small to medium size Japanese firms maximize their global export potential." - ed.]

URL http://www.jetro.go.jp/en/invest/whyjapan/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.jetro.go.jp/en/invest/whyjapan/

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