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05 January 2011

Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS)

05 Jan 2011

Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), Islamabad, Pakistan.

"Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) [is] pleased to announce the free access to the following papers:
1. Taliban Insurgency in Pakistan: A Counterinsurgency Perspective.
2. Evolution of Counter-Terrorism Legislation in Pakistan.
3. Post-911 Peace Narrative in Pakistan.
4. Radicalization in Pakistan: Sociocultural Realities.
5. Mapping the Madrasa Mindset: Political Attitudes of Pakistani Seminaries.
6. Radicalization and Media Who influences whom and how in Pakistan?
7. Defining the Phenomenon of Radicalization in Pakistan
8. Poverty and Militancy
Click to acces: http://san-pips.com/index.php?action=ra&id=intr_1 or visit: http://san-pips.com
- PIPS Newsletter."

"The Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) is an independent, not-for-profit non governmental research and advocacy think-tank. An initiative of leading Pakistani scholars, researchers and journalists, PIPS conducts wide-ranging research and analysis of political, social and religious conflicts that have a direct bearing on both national and international security. The PIPS approach is grounded in field research. Our surveys and policy analyses are informed by the work of a team of researchers, reporters and political analysts located in different areas of conflict in Pakistan."

Site contents:
* About us (PIPS Network, PIPS Team, Advisory Board, Annual Reports (2009, 2008, 2007, 2006), Programs (Conflict Studies, De-radicalization, Democracy and Governance, Human Rights, Media, Internships), Contact);
* Research and Analysis (Political Violence and Terrorism, Internal Conflicts, Regional Strategic Issues, Ideology, Deradicalization, Economic Policy Issues, International Relation and Foreign Policy, Media and Democracy, Diaspora, Surveys);
* SouthAsiaNet (incl. # Strategic Response to Suicide Terrorism in Pakistan, # Polarization of Social Studies in Textbooks in Pakistan, # Prospects and Perils of a Military Operation in North Waziristan);
* Publications (##Research Journal [E-journal 'Conflict and Peace Studies' published as a series of free-access PDF documents: from Vol 1, No 1 [Oct-Dec 2008] to Vol 3, No 4 [Oct-Dec 2010]], ##Books [Online shop incl. # Dynamics of Taliban Insurgency in FATA [Mar 2010], # Understanding the MilitantsÕ Media in Pakistan: Outreach and Impact [Jan 2010], # Northern Areas: Crisis and Prospects [Sep 2007], # Pakistan Security Report 2009 [Jan 2010], # Pakistan Security Report 2008 [Jan 2009], # Balochistan: Conflicts and Players [Mar 2008], # Al-Qaeda Fights Back: Inside Pakistani Tribal Areas [Mar 2008], Arabs in Afghan Jihad [Aug 2007]);
* Events (Seminars/Workshops, Focused Group Discussions, Activities, Monthly Newsletter);
* Conflict and Peace Studies Journal (Published as a series of free-access PDF documents. Vol.3, No.4 includes: # Report - Conflict and Insecurity in Balochistan: Assessing Strategic Policy Options for Peace and Security, # Paper - A Progressive Understanding of Pashtun Social Structures amidst Current Conflict in FATA, # Paper - Understanding FATA, # Paper - Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan: A Global Threat, # Analysis - Analyzing Suicide Attacks in Pakistan).

URL http://san-pips.com

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://san-pips.com

Link reported by: PIPS Newsletter (newsletter--at--san-pips.com)

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