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20 January 2011

Trade Routes Resources Blog [an electronic notebook]

20 Jan 2010

www.ciolek.com - Asia Pacific Research Online, Canberra, Australia

Supplied note:
"The blog 'Trade Routes Resources' has been constructed in Nov 2005. It started its existence as a test of efficacy of blogs as shared electronic notebooks. Since then I can wholeheartedly confirm that a public blog with a disabled comments' section [to protect it from inanities of 'idiots electroniques sans frontieres'] is indeed a handy and reliable data-management tool. Such an online device, used as a one- or a multi-person tool, keeps a good track of scores of randomly collected notes, formats them consistently, stores images and hyperlinks, and retrieves half-forgotten scribbles with zest. Moreover, it effortlessly shares all those notes with other potentially interested readers - tmc."

"A collection of online resources of use to dromography, or the comparative study of organisation, history, geography, and logistics of movement, transportation and communication networks. This site is a part of the Old World Traditional Trade Routes (OWTRAD) Project (www.ciolek.com/owtrad.html)."

Site contents:
* Recent Posts
(# Crossroads - Studies on the History of Exchange Relations in the East Asian World [New E-journal] Jan/11/2011; # Journal of Asian History on Trade in/with Asia Nov/25/2010; # Strabo Route as a Part of the Great Silk Road Jul/5/2010; # Tang Shipwreck [from the Maritime Silk Route] Jul/1/2010; # Trade networks in the Inner-East-Southeast Asian borderlands Jun/23/2010; # Piracy and trade on the western coast of India (AD 1-250) Jun/17/2010; # Dutch Slavery and Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean in the Seventeenth Century Jun/1/2010; # Application of Geo-Informatics to the Study of the Royal Road from Angkor to Phimai May/31/2010; # Islam and Tibet: Cultural Interactions along the Musk Routes Apr/20/2010; # BOOK: Casale, G. 2010. The Ottoman Age of Exploration. Oxford U. Press USA. Apr/16/2010; # Networks of Trade in the Caucasus, 1750-1925 Apr/15/2010; # [Online] Publications on Indo-Portuguese History and Culture Apr/1Feb/2010; # The Silk Road e-journal Jan/Feb/18/2009; # The Asian Spice/Ceramics Trade in Pre-European Era. Dec/7/2009; # Marine Insurance in the Late Middle Ages Dec/6/2009; # Via Egnatia: An Ancient Roman Road Through The Balkans Nov/6/2009; # Kitab - History and Culture of Southern Uzbekistan Aug/31/2009; # Charles Wheeler, "A Maritime Logic to Vietnamese History? Littoral Society in Hoi An's Trading World c.1550-1830." Jul/23/2009; # The Virtual Encyclopaedia of Portuguese Expansion / A Enciclopedia Virtual da Expansao Portuguesa Jun/3/2009; # Inde-Asie centrale : routes du commerce et des idees May/12/2009; # Maharashtra District and State Gazetteers, India Mar/31/2009; # Silk Road, Cotton Road or . . . Indo-Chinese Trade in Pre-European Times Jan/16/2009; # The Great [China-Russia 19th c.] Tea Route Jan/15/2009; # Discussion group "Amber Road" Dec/1/2008; # Baltic Connections 1450-1800 Oct/30/2008; # Trade Routes: four new references Oct/21/2008; # Trading Places - the East India Company and Asia 1600-1834 Oct/13/2008; # The export trade in silk and brocade during the Ming dynasty Oct/8/2008; # Tibet's tea trade with Szechuan and other regions in the Ch'ing dynasty Oct/8/2008; # 4 books on Trade and Trade Routes in Ancient India Sep/26/2008; # History of Postal Communications in India Sep/26/2008; # Historic Camel Photos Sep/16/2008; # The Economics of Inland Transport in in Late Medieval Bavaria Aug/28/2008; # Indo-Persian Travels in the Age of Discoveries, 1400 -- 1800 Aug/7/2008; # Routing the Commodities of Empire through Sikkim (1817-1906) Aug/6/2008; # Army Logistics - A Short History Aug/2/2008; # Dutch Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean in the 17th c. Jun/19/2008; # Centro de Historia de Alem-Mar / The Centre for Overseas History (CHAM) May/27/2008; # [Electronic] Historical Atlas of South India May/3/2008; # Georeferenced locations of historical Chinese and Japanese temples Apr/22/2008; # Spice Ports: The Nutmeg and Pepper Trade [bibliography] Mar/31/2008; # Ports of the Arabian Peninsula : a guide to the literature Mar/31/2008; # Arabian Trade and Pilgrimage Routes - 2003 lectures Mar/31/2008; # Transportation Modes, Costs and Infrastructure in the 17th c. Mar/24/2008; # Trade Routes and Distances by Existing Lines and by the Panama Canal Authority [map] Mar/24/2008; # Islamic Region: Major Trade Routes from 10th to 15th century Mar/24/2008; # India - District Gazetteer - Nasik District: Trade Routes Mar/24/2008; # Ecology and Empire Along the Ancient Silk Roads Mar/24/2008; # Tea-Horse Road, or Cha Ma Gu Dao Mar/24/2008; # The ancient city of Gerha = Qariyat Al-Fau Feb/20/2008; # Amber Routes Feb/16/2008; # Jorvik's (York's) possible Trade Routes beyond the British Isles. Feb/15/2008; # Miscellaneous articles on routes in Central Asia Feb/2010/2008; # 19th c. trade between Sudan and Egypt Jan/11/2008; # Introduction to Kharga Oasis [Arab slave trade] Jan/2010/2008; # The Darb el-Arbein - The Forty Days Road [Arab slave trade] Jan/2010/2008; # Riding the Forty Days' Road [Arab slave trade] Jan/9/2008; # The Cistercian Way [of Pilgrimage] [monasteries, pilgrimage, Wales] Jan/8/2008).

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