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20 June 2006

CA&CC Press(R) AB Publishing House (Sweden)


19 Jun 2006

Institute for Central Asian and Caucasian Studies, Lulea, Sweden

"The CA&CC Press(R) AB / Central Asia & Central Caucasus Press AB site is the joint home page of the Institute for Central Asian and Caucasian Studies in Sweden and the Institute of Strategic Studies of the Caucasus in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The site contains information, periodicals, monographs, annuals, and other publications prepared by these institutes.

Site contents:
* About; * Central Asia and The Caucasus [Journal] (Editorial Staff, Editorial Board, TOCs for issues: 1 (31) 2005, 2 (32) 2005, 3 (33) 2005, 4 (34) 2005, 5 (35) 2005, 6 (36) 2005, 1 (37) 2006, 2 (38) 2006); * Central Eurasia Annual (Scientific Editorial Board, TOCs for the year 2006); * Caucasus and Globalization [Journal] (Editorial Council, Editorial Board); * Database [full-text papers] (Murad Esenov: The Anti-Terrorist Campaign and the Regional Security System, Murad Esenov: Turkmenistan and Central Asian regional security, Murad Esenov: Nobody Knows the Central Asian Situation Better than We., Archive of the Central Asia Journal, Lena Jonson, Murad Esenov: Political Islam and Conflicts in Russia and Central Asia, Lena Jonson, Murad Esenov: Chechnya: the International Community and Strategies for Peace and Stability, Ali Abasov, Haroutiun Khachatrian: Variants for a Solution of the Karabakh Conflict: Concepts and Reality, Gulnara Shalpykova: Water Disputes in Central Asia: The Syr Darya River Basin, Paul A. Goble: Back on the Map: the Geopolitics of Central Asia, Sergei Gretskyi: Russia's Policy toward Central Asia, Paul B. Henze and Wimbush S. Enders: American Middle East Policy Need for New Thinking, Paul B. Henze: Dagestan in October 1997 Imam Shamil Lives!, Ashurboi Imomov, Harold H. Saunders, Gennady Chufrin: The Inter-Tajik Dialogue within the Framework of the Dartmouth Conference, Lena Johnson: Russian Policy and Tajikistan, James MacDougall: A New Stage in U.S. - Caspian Sea Basin Relations, Keith Martin: 'Welcome to the Republic of Leninabad'?, Odil Ruzaliev: Turkistan: Consolidating Factors for Its People, Borys Parakhonsky: Central Asia: Geostrategic Survey, Irina Zviagelskaya: The Russian Policy Debate on Central Asia, Irina Zviagelskaya: The Tajik Conflict, Noelle Quenivet: The Rule of Law in the Russian Federation - Case Study: Filtration Camps in Chechnya, Olga Belova: Did Russian Membership in the Council of Europe Make a Difference in the Second Chechen Conflict?, Christopher Hare: External Assistance to Secession Struggles: Could Afghan Recognition of Chechnya Legally Have Gone Further?, Marat Kengerlinsky: Displaced Persons from the Chechnya Crisis: a Legal View).

[A bi-lingual (EN;RU) site - ed.]


Internet Archive
(www.archive.org) [details of the site's archived version are, at the moment, unavailable]

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