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20 June 2006

Iranian Information & Documentation Center (IRANDOC)


19 Jun 2006

IRANDOC, Tehran, Iran

"IRANDOC main works are research, training and information service. Research on information science, as part of IRANDOC mission is carried out by Research units. These Units work on Library & Information, Information Analysis, Information Systems Management, Terminology & Thesauri and Information Technology. These units are in direct cooperation with experts and members of scientific mission. Also, IRANDOC is the secretariat and a member of National Research Council of I.R. of Iran, and represent Iran in [UNESCO's] ASTINFO [...]. IRANDOC is also a national member of these international bodies: FID, IFLA and ASLIB.

Main Services:
Establishing and maintenance of Persian scientific information database. Supplying foreign scientific information database. Database producing process implementation and consultation. Indexing training course. Training course on "utilizing union list of Latin periodicals". International Document supply. To publish press orders. Media and microform conversion. Special services."

Site contents:
Strategic Plan; Databases [online access (in Persian language) to: 1. Iranian Dissertation Abstracts. 2. Dissertation Abstracts of Iranian Graduates Abroad. 3. Current Research in Iranian Universities and Research Centers. 4. Directory of Scientific Meeting Help In Iran. 5. The Abstract of Scientific Technical and Papers. 6. Iranian Government Report. 7. Index to Latin periodicals available in Iranian special libraries. 8. Iranian Scholars and Experts Database. 9. Education Information. 10. Databank of research projects and scientific documents of water. 11. Khazar Information (Caspian Sea). - ed.]; Publications; Projects; Research Units; Staff.


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Babaie (babaie--at--irandoc.ac.ir)

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