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05 October 2007

ResearchSEA - Asia Research News


05 Oct 2007

ResearchSEA Ltd, Cambridge, UK

"ResearchSEA is Asia's first research news portal, a one-stop centre where journalists and members of the public can gain access to news and local experts from the research world in Asia. Promoting public understanding of research encourages long term innovation and growth. The media is key to promoting public understanding. Almost everyone in the world reads newspapers, magazines, websites, watch TV or listen to the radio. The media is the ultimate gateway to the international community and a powerful medium for forging local and international links. ResearchSEA brings research news and top experts direct from universities, think tanks, journals and specialist organisations to journalists around the world."

Site contents:
* RESEARCH NEWS (# Science - Earth Sciences, Environment, Space, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biosciences... # Technology - Engineering, Computing, ICT, Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics... # Medicine - Diseases, Healthcare, Mental Health, Drugs, Nutrition, Traditional, Alternative, Therapeutic... # Business - Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Economics, Commerce... # Culture - History, Philosophy, Linguistics, Theology, Literature, Music, Art, Design... # People - Media, International Relations, Politics, Education, Policy, Society, Law, Development... # All Latest News);
* RESOURCES (Focus On - ICT, Peace and Conflict, Women, The Environment, Bird Flu), Ask An Expert, Contributing Institutions, Events Calendar, Announcements, Archives, Media Organisations);
* GENERAL INFO (About ResearchSEA What's New, Contact Us);
* EVENTS - Details of upcoming major research conferences, meetings and events;
* ANNOUNCEMENTS - New grants, books, journals, research centres and much more.

URL http://researchsea.com/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://researchsea.com/

Link reported by: Dr Magdeline Pokar (m.pokar--at--researchsea.com)

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