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29 April 2010

Asia Security Studies Programme - Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)

29 Apr 2010

Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), Stockholm, Sweden.

"The Asia Security Studies Programme pursues studies in a range of fields within the core geographical focus on East Asia, South Asia and the Persian Gulf. The research programme has the following themes:
# Nuclear policy and non-proliferation issues, # Development of armed forces in a strategic perspective, # Defence and foreign policy, # Terrorism and activities of non-state groups, # Regional conflicts, # Relations between external powers and interference, # Economics, # Energy.
A number of experts at FOI work directly with the Programme, while other researchers are affiliated and collaborate on a temporary basis. The Programme cooperates with other research institutes in Sweden and abroad on a regular basis."

Site contents:
* About;
* Publications [freely downloadable, PDF format] (2010: # The Israeli Threat, An Analysis of the Consequences of an Israeli Strike on Iranian Nuclear Facilities - Sam Gardiner, # Militancy in Pakistan's federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Afghanistan - Magnus Norell (ed.), # Yemen in Crisis - Consequences for the Horn of Africa - Alexander Atarodi, # The EU Arms Embargo on China: a Swedish Perspective - Jerker Hellstroem, 2009: # Blue Berets Under the Red Flag - China in the UN Peacekeeping System - Jerker Hellstroem, # China's Emerging Role in Africa - a Strategic Overview - Jerker Hellstroem, # Pakistan -- Consequences of Deteriorating Security in Afghanistan - Kristina Zetterlund (ed.), 2008: # Concequenses of Military Actions Towards Iran, Full Report - Rydqvist, Zetterlund m.fl., # Japan as a Power: Discarding a Legacy - Ingolf Kiesow, John Rydqvist, 2007: # The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: Powerhouse or Paper Tiger? - Ingmar Oldberg, # Concequenses of Military Actions Towards Iran, A Preliminary Assessment - John Rydqvist et.al., 2005: # Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Armenia - a Security Assessment, User Report - Sandstroem, Emma., 2004: # Perspectives on North Korea's nuclear and missile programs, Kiesow, I., # China's quest for energy; impact on foreign and security policy, Kiesow, I., # Energy in China: Coping with increasing demand - Sandklef, Kristina. 2003: # The Role of Oil and Consequences in Asia of the American-Iraqi War - Kiesow, I. # Energy in Asia: An Outline of Some Strategic Energy in Asia - Kiesow, I. # Afghanistan and Central Asia after September 11 - The Security-Political Development - Sandstroem, Emma 2002: # From Taiwan to Taliban; Two Danger Zones in Asia - Kiesow, I. (ed.) 2001: # Ballistic Missile Defence in Asia, Kiesow, I. # Ambitions and Perils in the Western Pacific - Kiesow, I.);
* Current projects (# A new global nuclear balance, # Interference from Turkey, Iran, India and China in Afghanistan, # China's ethnic minority policies and the impact on international relations, # Regional organisations in the Gulf region and their influence on security policy);
* Experts;
* About FOI;
* Products & Services;
* Publications [FOI reports];
* Projects;
* Pressroom;
* Contact Us.

URL: http://www.foi.se/FOI/Templates/ProjectPage____7387.aspx

Internet Archive: (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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