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27 June 2006

Asian Journal of Comparative Law (ASJCL)


21 Jun 2006

The Berkeley Electronic Press, Berkeley, CA, US

Supplied note:
"The Asian Journal of Comparative Law is a definitive new peer-reviewed journal for Asian perspectives on the law and legal perspectives on Asia. An initiative of the Asian Law Institute, an association of thirteen leading law schools in Asia, the journal's editors and authors come from top institutions across the Asian-Pacific region and South Asia. The journal publishes articles from scholars with intimate knowledge of local practices that offer unique insight into how legal solutions are tailored to local culture and circumstance. Recent topics include Korean corporate governance, the political culture of blogging in Malaysia, and Asian discourses on legal education. The Asian Journal of Comparative Law is an invaluable resource for scholars of comparative and international law as well as scholars of Asian area studies. - i.p."

Site contents:
[Vol.1 Iss. 1, 2006] ARTICLES: Foreword - Alexander Loke; Cross-Border Gambling and Betting Services Under WTO Disciplines - Mitsuo Matsushita and Aya Iino; Institutions of International Law and the Development of Regional Forum for Peaceful Dialogue in South Asia - Javaid Rehman; The Next Stage of Reforms: Korean Corporate Governance in the Post-Asian Financial Crisis Era - Joongi Kim; An Analysis of China's System of Protecting Geographical Indications - Lanye Zhu; The Right to Collective Bargaining in Malaysia in the Context of ILO Standards - Rabiu Sani Shatsari and Kamal Halili Hassan; Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom: Digital Speech in Malaysia - Hang Wu Tang; Comparative Legal Traditions - Introducing the Common Law to Civil Lawyers in Asia - Margaret Fordham; The Dangers of the United Nations' "New Security Agenda": "Human Security" in the Asia-Pacific Region - Ben Saul; Legal Education in Asia - Cheng Han Tan, Gary Bell, Xuan Hop Dang, Joongi Kim, Keang Sood Teo, Arun Thiruvengadam, V. Vijayakumar, and Jiangyu Wang Legal Education Reform in Indonesia - Hikmahanto Juwana; Possible Reform for Legal Education in Taiwan: A Refined "J.D. System"? - Chang-fa Lo; The Importance of Understanding and Teaching Islamic Law in Asia - Nik Ahmad Kamal Nik Mahmod; Designing a Legal Skills Curriculum For an Asian Law School: Lessons in Adaptation - Eleanor Wong; Developing Active Learning of Skills in Professional Legal Education in Hong Kong --- From Theory to Ethnography - Wilson W.S. Chow, Richard W.S. Wu, and Felix W.H. Chan; Towards A Comparative Rhetoric of Argument: Using the Concept of "Audience" as a Means of Educating Students about Comparative Argument - Helena Whalen-Bridge. BOOK REVIEWS: Review of Islamic Banking & Finance in South-East Asia: Its Development and Future - Jolene Lin; Review of Reforming Corporate Governance in Southeast Asia: Economics, Politics, and Regulations - Jiangyu Wang.


Internet Archive (www.archive.org)
[the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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Irene Perciali (iperciali--at--bepress.com)

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